15 Jan 2018

I have always kept a diary since I was about 10 years old. This weekend I was reading up on my fun events over 2017. I decided to share some of these events on S/H Stories. There will be a few chapters, perhaps a few sessions in a chapter, I will see, I just don't want to bore anyone.

It was the 2nd week in February, a hot day, Pat had decided the day before that we would go to Warmbaths in Bela Bela for a day visit. It was a lovely sunny day, cold drinks in the car, loud music playing, my clothes off, I was naked. I had my little travelling dildo having fun with it, getting hornier by the kilometer. Playing and sucking on Pat as he drove.

We arrived there, it was pretty empty being mid week, I mentioned to Pat it would be nice to have a Quickie, he laughed and said yes for sure, let's look around and see what place we can find.

We took a dip in the big pool, few people swimming, we swam around for a while, then Pat grabbed hold of me and we kissed and kissed, his body was warm in the cold water against my body, I was turned on. His hands exploring my body, in my bikini, under my bra, my nipples hard.

We noticed another couple watching us, they both smiled and kept moving closer but slowly, I could see she was playing with him, they came alongside us and chatted, they were nice, I could feel her thigh on mine, wow so much electricity happening. I looked down and yes his cock was out of his costume. It looked huge, but I realized how water magnifies things. I commented and laughed saying the guys have their cocks out, we all laughed.

I leaned over to her after checking if anyone was watching us and kissed her long and deeply, oh my gosh, we gasped it was amazing, we swapped guys to hold onto, both of us feeling different cocks, his thicker than Patrick, I saw she sunk under and sucked him briefly underwater.

We were invited for a glass of wine at their unit, we entered and Dawid drew the curtain, put on a porn video, not too loud, we sat and chatted quietly close to Tanya. We started kissing and undressing each other, very soon we were in a 69 position, she was so sweet like honey. Very soon we were reaching earth shattering climaxes. I looked up and saw Dawid and Pat in the position same as us, oh what a turn on, m2m and us f2f. They stopped and moved over to us, hard strong cocks pointing ahead like knights holding spears.

Dawid pulled me onto him, oh he was very thick but lovely, I started riding him slowly and picking up pace, ramming myself onto him harder and harder. Patrick had Tanya in a doggy style, my best position, and he was pounding her skinny little ass, she was gasping and moaning, oh fuck the door was open, but curtain closed. I'm sure the neighbours must be so turned on (lol).

I feel Dawid swelling more, he is close to cumming and I feel myself reaching another orgasm, I feel him plunge in me deeper and he groans as he fills me with cum.

Pat and Tanya must of also cum as they were watching us and smiling. We quickly cleaned up, sat and chatted, another two glasses of wine, I reached over and took Pat's cock in my mouth, mmmm I could still taste Tanya's Honey on his cock. I like to fuck my partner after being with another man and he another woman. He took me from behind, thumping into my still wet juicy pussy, harder and faster we fucked, my juices seeping out, so slushy and then we arose to mind shattering orgasm.

Tanya and Dawid came over to us kissing us, touching us, I had to ask them to stop I was just too sensitive. Another glass of wine and off to the car to Jhb. We chatted and laughed in the car, it was such an awesome time.