13 Apr 2019

Well its a lovely day for bed and reflection

Just watched 7s rugby alone

I looked on SH and the notion to start tapping on my cell overwhelmed me so while I wait for the next game by our Blitzers my fingers are itching to tap.

Reporting on the cougar I did notice there had been quite a few viewers

Thats heartening but obviously not a ball grabber on the few comments but I appreciate everything.

I only speak from my heart and every word is my truth.

I got married in Ireland at an early age yr later i gave birth to a boy

So when 2 months old we decided to do the trek.to South Africa .

My husband then did his schooling in jhb and apprenticeship

Few steps backward on this story I met him on board a liner as he worked on union castle lines

We sat up all night talking and embracing on deck

I did notice a deck hand spying on us but he must have been sadly disappointed as I was a convent girl .yea believe me.

Anyway going forward I had 5 kids in 6 years and loads of intimacy in almost 52 yrs

To date 5 kids 10 grandkids and 5 great grandkids.

It was then I decided there is more and at 71 decide I must come out off the cupboard with my other twin as I am a gemini.

It has been an interesting journey ive travelled the world on line with

men wanting the same adventures

.Nothing shocks me anymore as it did before

Im not judgemental so men can carry on with their dreams

Ive met many boys and men exact ammount not sure but blocking over 1115 would stretch your imagination

Ive learnt words I never knew existed

And realise my life was bland .but will state i didnt lack love .

As I enter into my 78th yr I want more

Ive been steady 6 yrs with same people

But going forward

Young men are my delight as is Turkish delight .i like them white in both

Not into married men as it lessens the frequency of their company

I need men at night and on a weekend .

I love sport as much as I love sex

I love sex more as its my contact sport.

Come on guys i want young 38 to 48 .

Single men .

So my white knight on his horse I am waiting .

Love reading comments so please humourcme.!!!

Mad Irish Woman