08 Feb 2019


My hb and I attended a private party last year November together with approximately 20 other people.

At the party we knew just the host and his gf.

We chatted randomly and found a nice couple of ppl with whom we felt at ease with. There was a single guy, let’s call him A and a sexy married couple, all in their thirties.

I focused on A and enjoyed his presence. We hit it off immediately. After a couple of minutes my hb went to the host and left me with the group. I decided to fetch myself a drink at the bar.

A decided to join me.

A and i chatted at the bar and had two shooters as well.

I flirted with him a bit, touching his harm as I spoke and stood close to him, slightly touching his crotch with my leg, we stayed there for about 20 min.

We decided to go back to the group and carried on chatting there, after that my hb and i went inside and sat on chair together and watched the ppl dancing inside

My hb went to refill our glasses and then A asked me to dance.

When my hb came back he left my drink at the chair and told me that he was going to chat to the host and some other guys as well.

A and I danced and chatted, and I flirted with my body as I usually do.

He asked if he could kiss me and I responded with a kiss.

It was just a nice three second kiss, just enough to make him wanting more.

We carried on dancing and began to touch each other more so all the time.

After approximately 15 min we went to sit at a dining table to catch our breath.

I was wearing a short miniskirt with a low-cut top and no panties.

We sat with our backs against a wall and viewing all the ppl in front of us, the table was a 10 seat and had a long table cover on

I started touching his upper thigh underneath the table and he responded and caressed my inner leg as well.

We ended up playing with each other while nobody noticed anything.

I suddenly took my hand away and slit underneath the table without anybody noticing and started giving him a bj, when he looked at me I told him to say nothing and make as if nothing was happening.

I then heard my hb's voice, he was asking the guy where I was, but I showed him to say nothing of what was happening and where I was.

When my hb left I got out from underneath the table and went to the lady’s room.

When I saw my hb, I told him what I did and we both had a laugh.

Later that evening my hb was busy dancing with another women, I decided to go outside and while I was walking, I saw A and winked at him to join me.

Outside we went to a secluded spot behind a structure which I saw was an office.

We started kissing and touching just after we were out of sight.

He pulled down his pants and I started stroking his erect penis intensely while he was busy fingering me softly.

As i was trying to stabilize myself with the handle of the door to the office i felt it going down and the door opening.

We stopped and i peaked inside, saw a nice couch and took him inside with me.

I laid on my back and he placed his body on top of me and started kissing me.

I took his dick and guided him inside my very wet vagina.

He started pounding me and I followed his rhythm.

After a couple of minutes I saw another figure inside the room, the door was left open when we went inside, it was the married guy who’s wife my hb was dancing with when I decided to go outside.

He was startled when our eyes met and said he was sorry for peeping.

I showed him to come closer , he came and when I reached out, his dick was already outside of his pants and rock hard.

He was playing with himself while peeping at us.

I started giving him a bj and we kissed as well.

A stopped and I stood up, I bent before him and gave him a bj while I guided the married guys dick inside me from behind.

They both pounded me from different directions ...spit-roasting me properly and I enjoyed them both enormously.

A told me he was close to ejaculating in my mouth, .I took his dick out and stroked him until he came, a minute or two later the married guy behind me took his dick out and came on my back.

We all sat naked on the couch and made some jokes. The married guy asked me if I came, I said no and he immediately went down on me, A started kissing me and fondled my breast, it wasn't long until I came.

When the married guy stood up and sat next to me again A went down on me and it all started again.

I came for the second time and then we all stood up and went outside.

When we were inside the house, we found my hb busy with the married guys wife, she was sitting on top of him while he was sitting on a chair and she was riding him like a stripper doing a lap dance.

We watched them until he came.

Afterwards we all went to the bar and ordered some drinks and that's where the night ended.