22 Aug 2016

OK so you read the intro story. Where i hooked up with this great BBW at a bar in Rosebank, Actually was Rivonia, just off Rivonia Rd. The story continues on leaving the pub. I was too quick ending it so thought i would elaborate.

We left the pub, feeling pretty swoozy. I was slightly drunk and she also had had a few. In our night of pleasure at the bar we actually didn’t have too much to drink which was a good thing. I had my car and she hers. This was a “Trap”, you know the story. Driving back in two cars, cold feet, long drive etc. This was doomed to failure. So we got into her car. The parking lot was quiet but the sun was approaching and daylight was definitely nearing. I wanted to bed this babe and explore her nether regions in more detail and i didn’t want any reason to stop it.

As we got in the car, with no plan at all, I reached across and started to kiss deeply. Unexpectedly she released her car seat which slid down. I did the same and reached over. Her dress was still unbuttoned but for one button at the bottom and 2 or 3 at the top. I released the last button at the bottom and exposed her flesh, she closed her eyes and parted her legs as much as she could within the restraints of the car. Sliding her seat back had exposed enough that i could see her pussy - dark hair against very pale white skin. Her clitoris was prominent, swollen and red/pink against the lightening sky. I wanted that in my mouth. My hand snaked down in between her thighs, forcing her legs wider so that i could gain access once again to her moist cunt. I started to frig her pussy again hard, which was perhaps a bad moment, she was after some gentle caressing from my tongue. She grabbed my hand to stop my vibrations, without opening her eyes she applied her other hand to the back of my head, gently pushing my head down between her thighs.

She gasped slightly as my probing tongue found her throbbing clitoris. My nostrils were filled with her sex scent, a scent specifically designed to react with my nostrils, brain and cock. It rocked me, i was hungry to devour her. We were struggling to get her legs open wider without actually opening the door. I couldn't get my head down deep enough to gain the full and complete access i wanted to her divine cunt. We needed a bed - fast. She spoke softly and said, let’s go to my place, is that ok ? Without question, without considering my own car, and the day of work still ahead of us both, we immediately departed. Her car had a clutch, so while i desperately wanted to pursue further exploration while she drove, i felt it better to just caress and keep her thigh warm.

We drove far, her place was really very far away, Kempton. I thought that’s it. But we stopped closeby to buy condoms, which was awkward, girl in the car, female cashier, 2 customers in the queue…. Ag just awkward.

We arrived at her house finally. It was early, perhaps 5AM so technically we still had some time. I had the whole day available but she needed to go to work, however, to my relief nothing was stopping her. We scrambled inside going straight to her bedroom where we stood for a while groping and kissing at the end of her bed. My previous release had left me feeling a little sticky so i requested access to the bathroom, apologetically. I went in and did a quick wash and wipe down, concerned that when i got back perhaps the mood may have dried up. As i got back into the room, she was completely naked, lying on the bed masturbating. She lay there as if i wasn’t in the room, rubbing her clit gently. My cock literally jumped. I started to tear off my clothes, ripping off my shirt and scrambling to drop my pants. While doing so i turned slightly away. She was up and watching me, she leaned forward on the bed and put her arms around my thighs while she kissed and nuzzled my buttocks. Her hands were absolutely expert. While i ripped off my pants and shoes, her hands were manipulating my cock. She kept me in reverse all the while nuzzling the small of my back and literally massaging my cock. With one hand working my cock, her other started to search around the back and, parting my legs. She had to move to sit upright and take a more commanding position. So holding me she pushed me forward and went down on her knees. I was feeling a bit awkward, just standing there. I couldn't reach her parts except for her head. Her tongue was exploring my crack, and she pushed my body forward, indicating to bend over. With her hand now massaging my cock, she parted my cheeks and pushed her tongue up into my arse. I was shocked. I had never been rimmed before, heard about it, knew what it was, but never experienced it. Her hands never stopped moving, constantly squeezing and massaging my cock. Her tongue was probing me, all the while with a finger touching and pressing into me. I wanted to explode, but she wouldn’t allow it. Her hands did just enough to keep me from cumming. Stopping to allow the sensations to ebb away.

After a while, she turned me around. She took my cock fully up to the hilt, into her mouth. She swallowed me. Her tongue probed into the tip of my cock fetching every last drop of my precum. Pushing my cock up against my belly she sucked at my balls. Her hand was constantly massaging my now wet crotch, rubbing my anus, every now and then probing deeply to massage my prostate, but then slipping out to rub my anus again. The sensation in my belly was unyielding. It was like i was cumming but wasn’t, an elongated orgasm.

Eventually she stood up and kissed, falling back on the bed but guiding my head down between her thighs. She had laid out the parameters and now it was her turn. Taking her guide i did the same. I started to probe deeply into her cunt, tasting her juices. It was very sweet, filled with the pungent smell of her cum, the sensation was incredible. Each time i sunk low to get my tongue deeper in, she thrust her hips up to allow it. I was by now massaging her anus transferring some of my own moisture and hers, using that as a lubricant. She threw her legs as far back as she could, exposing her wide open cunt and her anus. Her hands were either side of her thighs pulling her anus open. By now i was moving onto the bed. I moved to her side where she immediately opened her mouth. From the side i pushed my cock deep inter her, swinging my legs over her head. Looping her knees under my arm and pulling her back, i was able to get my tongue deep into her anus while thrusting my cock into her mouth. She pushed her head back to allow my cock to easily slide down her throat. Letting go of her thighs she put her hands on my hips and pulled my cock hard into her mouth. I fucked her mouth gently, not wanting to cause damage. She maintained, swallowing on each thrust. It was incredible. Her hands were exploring every part she could reach. I was eating her pussy, mixing my mouth, head hands and tongue into her body. I was pulling her buttocks open, rubbing her anus all the while sucking her swollen cunt. As soon as the sensations started to ebb, it was time. I moved around towards the missionary position. She swung over onto her knees on the edge of the bed. She was a large girls, and her dark body hair on her cunt and buttocks, contrasted with her while soft skin, made my cock swell. I went down once more pushing my tongue inside her bent over arse, but she wanted my cock now. I Thrust deeply into her open cunt. She moved into the center of the bed, Bum high in the air, but chest flat on the bed. I was able to stand on the bed, legs either side of her, and thrust down deep into her cunt. She was very tight. And she moaned as i thrust into her. I held my finger close to her anus, rubbing it gently. I wanted to fuck her there, but she needed to want it first. I was moistening her hole while keeping my cock in a good rhythm. I noticed her hand sneak up and start rubbing her clit, rubbing but including my shaft in the action. She was squeezing my shaft with her fingers while i thrust deep into her.

I was literally standing like a jackhammer handler, thrusting deep hard and fast into her. I was going to cum, which was not the plan, not a good thing at this stage as she needed a lot more. I couldn't stop now, she would be left hanging. I had to pull out a bit to relieve the pressure, but keep her in the game. I was sweating by now. I Pulled out, rubbing her stretched open pussy. I went back down on her with my mouth, licking up her moist wet juices. Meanwhile my cock was pumping, on the edge of orgasm. I had to leave it be, let the sensation change. In my haste i had forgotten the condoms. Still working her with my hands, i reached for my pants and pulled out the condoms. Battling a bit with the packaging (A lot actually) eventually i had one out and on. By now my sensations were ebbing but i was just as hard. I thrust back inside her. The sensation was completely different inside the bag. Definitely not as good, but i had by now become the stud. I wanted my cock hard and impenetrable, so i could fuck hard and deep for long. I was very fit, so the cardio wasn’t a problem.

Midway through i took a slight breather, easing back. She used the chance to hold my cock and pulled it back easing it into her waiting anus. She wanted me to fuck her everywhere. I gently squeezed my cock into her open arse. She rubbed her clit furiously at this stage, but using her hand she indicated for me to go slow. I was surging by this time, bag or not this felt incredible. For the first time i was balls deep inside a gorgeous ass with a pussy wide open and available for more exploring. Slowly i was able to increase the speed, thrusting deep inside her. Without leaving her anus, i then pushed 2 fingers into her pussy. I could feel my cock through the side walls of her cunt. I could literally feel the veins of my cock. Turning my wrist so that i was rubbing up the front of her pubic bone, i realised she was moaning hard. Her gasps were for more, and i was now lost. At this point i was unable to hold back. Thrusting deep inside her i exploded into the bag. Even after i came, i wanted to continue. I knew my erection would flag and i thought if i could maintain the motions i would keep it going, worried that she may not have cum to a conclusion yet. I fell off her, into a heap on her side. She rolled over, pulling my leg up between her thighs and we fell asleep.

She woke me a half hour later telling me where the coffee was, where the keys were and the number for a taxi. I would see her later that evening after work.

We continued the relationship a few times more. But never got to the same point or sensation again. Who knows…. I still have her number