12 Mar 2018

She knew this was going to be a tough suck job. So she opened her mouth as wide as she could and put as much of Andrew's cock in her mouth as possible. She only got past the head, probably to her awesome wonder. SHe gave him the disgusted look again and went for the lube.

She put on copious amounts of lube on Andrew's massive cock and then proceeded to put lube on her pussy. She knew this was going to be a tough fit, as well as being the experience of a lifetime.

SHe climbed on top of Andrew and directed his cock to her pussy. Once he was inside her past the head of his cock, her jaw just dropped open in surprise and wonderment. She had never ever been opened so much before. Her pussy was stretching as it was designed to stretch, only she had never been stretched so far until now, until this point in time.

ANdrew was not sure what was going on, but he was learning fast, and wanted to be in control of the situation, so he asked her if she would go into the missionary position. SHe obliged reluctantly, not know how he would proceed. Would he jam it all inside at once or would he be gentle with her ?

Unluckily for her, Andrew was not clued up on what his massive member could do to a women, especially an asian women with limited pussy space. SO he just thrust the whole thing in. Andrew knew in his heart that he didn't like the shrieking gasps she was giving, and knew she was in trouble.

Andrew was learning fast know and he asked her for the doggy-style position. She obliged, but with GREAT reluctance. SHe knew she was going to be hurt in doggy-style position by his great member as she had limited pussy space when in doggy-style position.

Andrew was still gathering information about the whole process. He still didn't understand that he could hurt her in certain positions, and was learning about the women he was having sex with. Learning and gathering information about her.

Andrew pretty much slammed it in and had the intentions of being rough with her, but she shrieked out in pain and panic

at his massive member going WAY to deep. Andrew stopped and asked what was wrong, but she was nearly in tears. Andrew knew at once that he had been to rough and suggested missionary again. This time knowing exactly what to do, as he had gathered enough information about her and knew how to proceed further into the encounter.

SHe reluctantly agreed. In fact, she only agreed because she didn't want this encounter to end just yet, she had the biggest penis she had ever seen right there in her grasp, after all.

She opened her legs for him slowly and Andrew got into the missionary position. He knew he had to go slowly this time, or cause pain for her and make the encounter unpleasant for both parties involved.

Andrew went inside her slowly. VERY SLOWLY. He knew he had to be VERY careful now. Her jaw dropped when the head was inside, as it did before. He started going deeper, EVER so slowly.

Once he was as deep as the previous biggest penis she had had a long time before. She began to feel very pleasant sensations. It was going so deep, and she was LOVING it. She wondered what would happened when he bottomed out on her without going jamming it in, like he did before. Andrew eventually bottomed out on her and she let out a small gasp. Only a small gasp mind you. He had reached her cervix. THe ultimate pinnacle of deep penetration.

Only had his head to the side of her face the entire time, so he never saw her face, he would only glance at her ever now and then. He looked at her face now and what he saw confused him, as he had never had sexual intercourse before. He couldnt decipher it at this present time.

The first time he looked at her face, her eyes bulged out and her jaw had dropped wide open. and expression of wonderment and fulfillment at the same time. never before had she experience the feeling of being filled up completely by a massive thick, long cock. SHe was in a world of her own, experiencing each deep thrust to the ultimate of desires.

Andrew could also hear at a lot of noises coming from down below, a deep sucking sounds followed by a farting sound. he was confused as to what this was and he asked her politely, "Whats that noise?". She told him that it was because he had a big dick, and Andrew was satisfies with that Answer for now, although he was still confused.

Each thrust brought a different comment from her, from "Shit!" to "Fuck!" to "Your cock is so thick!" to "Your the biggest cock i've ever fucked!" to "Your so fucking deep!!!!"

After about 5 minutes of deep thrusting and filling her up to the brim, she started making light panting sounds. This continued for a short order and by the end of it she was panting loudly. Andrew wondered what this was about and just proceeded to continue fucking her the way he was, gently and deep, full thrust, all the way to her cevix.

Soon thereafter (very soon), she screamed, "I'm cumming!!!!" and she put both hands on his bum and pulled him into her to the max, to her cervix. She let out a loud gasp when he touched her cervix while she was cumming. it was the ultimate pleasure for her. never in her life had she thought that she would experience such a feeling, that's until Andrew showed up on her front doorstep of course.

While she was cumming, her head rolled from side to side, the amount of pleasure was overwhelming. It was like she was leaving reality while she was coming.(I can't explain it exactly guys, sorry).

Andrew continued fucking her when he massive orgasm was done and she soon said, "I'll cum again soon". But Andrew was nearly ready to climax. Andrew climaxed and what happened next was wonderful. Due to his penis enlargement, his cock got bigger whenever he climaxed, so when he climaxed her jaw just dropped open even wider than before and her eyes literally bulged out of her head. She had NEVER EVER been filled by so much by a cock. She was in AMAZEMENT at being filled up so much by a giant cock!!

Andrew got on his knees and waited, not knowing what to do next. She got up and just took his penis in her hands and told him what a wonderful penis he had. She unrolled the condom and asked him if he wanted to have sex again. Andrew, being an idiot at the time and not thinking things through properly, said no he was done.

So the two of them went to the front door and said goodbye, she said, "Thank you" to Andrew for the massive orgasm she had. Andrew got on his scooter and waved goodbye to her, she waved goodbye back and had that disgusted look on her face again.

Andrew went on his way. THE END