09 Jul 2019

Today I was feeling incredibly horny, I had posted some new pics of my outfit for the day on my profile. Black stocking that had been ripped at the crotch no panty, a black lace chemise no bra and then a black and white wrap dress that will be undone with one pull of the belt.

So this guy and I had been chatting for a while it always gets heated but we have not met until today.

He parked in the corner of the underground parking it was quieter there, I walked over saw the passenger door open to his vehicle the windows were tinted which was even better. I saw him I got in closed the door and we just clicked , he smelled great the vehicle was warm on this cold day so I took off my scarf and cardigan . He did not have much time as he had to get to a meeting so I wanted to make this count it was my lunch time quickie after all.

I pulled the belt to my dress and opened it up he gasped when he saw my body he leaned over we started kissing. He is such a great kisser , he then ripped my stockings more at the crotch and started fingering me rubbed my pussy I got so wet and excited , i took his wet fingers and licked them clean he kissed me and said I tasted so good. I unzipped his jeans and stroked his hungry cock . but I wanted a taste, so I pushed him back and started sucking his cock. I love hearing a man moan, and with each suck and lick he just got more excited not too long he came ,he tasted so good. But alas he had to go so did I so off to work we went. Now I sit the rest of the day in the office with a wet pussy drip drip ....