Written by Brumia - Bruce

09 Dec 2016

Their profile said “we only do soft swing.” We weren’t really sure just what this would entail, whether it could be fulfilling or not, but they looked and sounded like such a nice couple that we decided to explore the possibilities, and made arrangements to meet up and chat about getting together to play. I couldn’t make the first meeting, but Mia agreed to meet with Rowan and Maryanne socially at their home on her own, as they lived quite close by. After that meeting, and lots of chatting on whatsapp, they were still keen for us to get together, but Maryanne still first wanted to meet me as well, to “check me out” and see if she felt comfortable about things before committing to a play-date. She was a bit nervous, and just being naturally cautious, as they had apparently not had a lot of experience doing this.

So Mia and I had lunch with Maryanne at the local Spur on one of her days off, and we had a lovely in-depth chat about her view of soft-swinging, while I enjoyed the view of her cleavage. She explained that it was for reasons of religious conviction that she was not prepared to go “all the way” – which just meant no actual fucking of the others' partners, and also no kissing please, as she felt this was too “personal.” But mutual touching and same-room sex with our own partners would be quite acceptable.

We arranged a date, a Friday evening when we would all be available, and when Maryanne would not be working the next day so we could play until late. They would arrange for their youngest kid (primary school-age) to stay with friends that night, and the lodger would be away, so we would have privacy. All were looking forward to the event.

On the Wednesday before our playdate, Mia received a message from Rowan saying that Maryanne had just started menstruating, and as a result she would “not be prepared to do anything at all.” So we were forewarned… Then on Thursday Maryanne messaged Mia to explain that “they had a problem” – the folks where their son was supposed to be staying over had just let them know that it was no longer possible for them to have him over, and there were no other options available for him at this short notice. Damn!! But having made the arrangements, we decided to meet up anyway and just have supper and be social, accepting that there would be no play.

We had a pleasant evening of naughty chatting, but no physical interaction at all as the kid was around and kept coming through to the lounge occasionally. Maryanne was looking sexy as all hell in tight-fitting black pants and a blouse which was half-revealing, and I kept imagining what her boobs would look like unrestrained and uncovered, and what her pussy might look like (waxed, shaven, trimmed, even a full bush?) – somehow stimulated by the knowledge that I knew (but she didn’t know that I knew) about her period. During the course of the evening she shyly mentioned in passing that it was “that time of the month,” and then it was out in the open and we could acknowledge it as the reason that we were not playing. Later, as we stood close together in the driveway as we were about to leave, Rowan took my hand and placed it on Maryanne’s (fully clothed) boob, and said – “I want you at least to know what you have missed out on tonight!” Maryanne didn’t resist, and so I let my hand (then later both of them) linger a bit as we said our goodbyes.

It was a couple of months before we were able to find another convenient date, but eventually it was all arranged and due to happen. The kid would spend the night at his friend, the lodger would be told to stay away (it seems he knew why we would be getting together), we would have supper together, and then it would be play time. But Mia had worked out (ladies can do these things) that Maryanne ought to have already had her next period, and, so far, nothing had happened… It appears we were all concerned that this might once again interfere with our plans…

But the day arrived, and her period apparently still hadn’t – good news! Supper was prepared, their house was tidied, and there was no problem with the baby-sitting arrangement. The lodger was still hanging around (I believe he was hoping to be allowed to be a part of the evening’s activities, having had to help Rowan with the house-tidying), but despite the rain he was eventually also sent off somewhere, and we were alone at last!

We spent a while getting the venue “just right.” Rowan had earlier decorated the lounge with a shop-fitter’s mannequin dressed in sexy kinky underwear (no doubt a “clue” to the lodger!). While the rest of us wanted to turn the lights down low, Rowan, who is somewhat hard of hearing, wanted the lights up bright so that he could see everything that would be happening, and not miss a thing. Maryanne was obviously nervous, and pretty paranoid about the possibility of anyone looking in, explaining that they had very nosey neighbours (but maybe more concerned about the possibility of their lodger returning and peeping through the slits). So we hung a few towels over the curtains and carefully checked from the outside that it was not possible to see in, to put her mind at rest. I had hoped for mattresses on the floor, but there were a couple of two-seater couches, and a nice thick rug in the middle of the floor, the place was warm enough for us to be naked, and so we were all set!...

With suitable music on the CD player, we started dancing, with our own partners naturally. We had hugged and kissed on arrival, but apart from that there had been no physical contact between the couples so far. But there was sexual tension in the air! Mia, wearing a dress, had removed her bra early on, not in any way hiding the fact that she was doing it, pulling it out through her sleeve. I hoped Maryanne might do like-wise, but she explained with a shy smile when we tried to encourage her to do so, that the type she was wearing didn’t come off that easily! As we danced, each couple kissed and fondled each other, and then slowly started to strip off. We decided to allow them, as the hosts, to take the lead; although apparently more experienced than them, we would intentionally not be too forward, allowing Maryanne to do things at a pace that she would be comfortable with.

But Rowan wasn’t holding back! He whipped out his belt with a flourish, and unzipped, and pulled out his cock. Maryanne seemed a little embarrassed, but played along, grabbing him and wanking a bit, and then bending down to suck on it. With his cock soon erect, Rowan moved in close and pushed it between her legs (she’s still wearing all her clothes!) and danced provocatively. That really broke the ice, and we got on with undressing our partners as we danced. We danced slowly and in positions so that we could watch each other stripping and fondling our partners, then moving close enough together so that we could reach out and fondle the other lady’s boobs as soon as they were exposed, while still “dancing.”

Once we were all naked, but still dancing, Rowan couldn’t contain himself anymore. He had his cock back between Maryanne’s (now naked) thighs, humping in and out, and obviously trying to gain entry to her vaginal opening, but the angles were wrong or she was still too dry, and it wasn’t working. He backed Maryanne over to one of the couches, and she sat down and then lay back against the seat back, he spread her legs, and then started seriously fingering her pussy. I steered Mia back to the same couch, where R&M had conveniently left space for us on the seat next to them, so at least we were on the same couch (I had thought we might end up each being on our own couch). I helped myself to a cushion, placed it on the floor, and knelt between Mia’s thighs, my hands kneading her boobs, and licked at her recently waxed pussy, while watching out of the corner of my eye what Rowan was doing to Maryanne’s very attractive and neatly trimmed pussy just a few centimetres away. Rowan lifted my hand off Mia’s boob, and placed it gently on Maryanne’s, meaning that he could then grab hold of Mia’s in exchange. From then it was game on, as we touched and stimulated each others partners.

Rowan pulled Maryanne further down, and worked his cock into her pussy (by now she was definitely wet enough) while kneeling on the floor, but intentionally leaning back so that the penetration was fully visible to all of us, gently pushing in and out. I got up and went around behind the couch, leant over Maryanne and kneaded her boobs for a bit, before reaching down and rubbing her clit as Rowan continued to push into her. I peck-kissed her on her forehead, and asked quietly in her ear if she was still okay with what we were doing. She nodded and groaned her agreement enthusiastically. Mia meanwhile was sucking on Maryanne’s closest boob, while fingering herself.

Then Mia wanted more attention, and so we moved to the floor, where I lay down on my back on the rug, so that she could ride me, a position we both enjoy. Rowan and Maryanne got off the couch and came and lay next to us, but with their feet up past my head, Maryanne facing us with her pussy in line with my chest, Rowan lying behind her. Rowan parted Maryanne’s legs, and I had the most wonderful view of his cock pushing into her pussy, with its prominent clitoral hood, from behind. I supported her upper leg, her thigh resting in my cupped left hand, while with my right I reached across and stroked her clit as Rowan kept thrusting into her. Mia rode my cock, rubbing her own clit at the same time, while also playing with one of Maryanne’s boobs, and looking down on all the action next to us. Maryanne reciprocated by playing with Mia’s closest boob. We were two couples having the most intimate sex possible without actually penetrating the opposite partner! It was really something special!

After a while, from the increase in energy of Rowan’s thrusting, it was evident that he was getting close to cumming. I redoubled my efforts in stroking Maryanne’s clit, and soon she groaned and shivered violently as she orgasmed, trying to close her legs against my supporting arm, and then Rowan bucked and spasmed, and pumped his seed into Maryanne’s pussy, maybe 30 cms from my face. As Rowan started to subside, his cock slipped out of Maryanne’s pussy, followed by a trickle of semen. I released Maryanne’s raised leg, so that she could clamp and knyp so as not to mess too much on the rug, while Mia got off me to reach for a handy washcloth which she handed to Maryanne to stem the leak.

Mia then knelt beside me, took my cock in her mouth, and started to work her magic. Rowan moved around behind her, and fingered her very wet pussy as she sucked on my cock. Maryanne was still lying spent next to me after her massive orgasm, her hand lying on the rug. I reached for her hand, and we held hands, gripping ever tighter as my orgasm began to build. I came in Mia’s mouth with a loud groan of my own, and she swallowed down every last drop and then licked me clean as she so enjoys doing.

At this point Mia was the only one who had not yet cum, although she was close, especially from Rowan’s finger-attention. I lay her on her back on the rug, ministering my attentions on her swollen clit with my tongue, while Rowan sucked on her boobs, and soon she was writhing and shrieking (loudest of us all!) in her own climax.

We lay around on the rug for a while, enjoying the closeness of this special thing that we had experienced together. Then it was time to get dressed (it was starting to get cool), followed by enjoying Amarula Dom Pedros as our dessert.

When we were due to leave, I checked with Maryanne - “I hope that we did not cross any boundaries tonight that you were unhappy with?” She assured us that she was absolutely fine with everything that we had done together. We had all had an absolutely super time. To Maryanne and Rowan, thank you for introducing us to “soft swinging!”

A couple of days later I heard from Mia that Maryanne’s period had started the very next morning after our playdate… We were all truly grateful that her natural body cycles had this time been so considerate in allowing us to enjoy ourselves together as we had!!