29 Apr 2017

We were invited for dinner and drinks with our friend, so we decided to give him a second try but this time we booked in a hotel..

After dinner we went to our room and Mr decides today we. Must play a game so we agreed on strip poker while having tiquelas, but Mr had worn the least amount off cloths so Mrs and we're still in our undies and Mr was naked so we wat now and here goes mr laughing at us saying u know I like u guys,and will try more than the first time..

Mrs smiles at me so I said let's take it all off so we did..

We 3 got naked and went in The shower that's wen we all started rubbing each others bodys with soap and rinsing each other off while touching cock nd pussy there goes mr rock hard cock in my hands and his tickling Mrs fanny while Mrs was playing with me.. We got on the bed still wet and Mr starts to suck on Mrs and I just look at the so Mrs says stop looking and suck on his cock which I did.. It went on for a while and Mr says let's change places.. I taught he going to make Mrs suck him and I suck her but it was the other way around. He says lemme suck ur cock and I must suck Mrs which was great.

We kissed and sucked each other all,night and exploring each others bodys.. It was the first time we just sucked and kissed each other that both the men came twice and wife came 4 time..

We got up at 7,30 am that Sunday morning had a shower and had breakfast and As we were departing mr said I can't wait to do more the next time

.wifey and I smiled and said u not straight anymore u ours.. And the reply is yes I never new being bi is so exciting...

Will tell u guys more about our first penetration with Mr