17 Feb 2019

Last week Monday, i was collected at home by Toysrus and Patrick.

We headed off to one of our AW venues, on the way there sitting in the front with Tony, he was all over me while driving, and i immediately as always i got to him and his cock.

We stopped at the Caltex garage along Beyers Dr. Pat went in the toilet first, we followed a few minuted later. It is a Unisex toilet, Tony had my top lifted and was enjoying my nipples while Pat guarded the door, i soon had Tony's cock out and was about to go down on it then Pat's phone rang, damn. we left and headed to AW

We all immediately went to the G/Holes, i went upstairs to the opening with Tony. Patrick downstairs waiting for me to push my pussy to the hole.

I do so , i feel his tongue licking my lips and clit, his tongue is like electric currents, so hot and wet, i'm building up for my first climax, Tony behind me, rubbing his hard long thick cock on my bum I shudder with pleasure, Patrick joins us up there, and i soon get the two cocks together and suck them. By now my bum is by the hole, i feel fingers inserting in my pussy and a thumb in my bum. it feels amazing.

A while later we go down to the lounge, and meet Phil and NSA Guy. my clothes are soon removed, the guys are all naked.

Phil starts to finger fuck me, and as usual i orgasm almost immediately, he is good, i take his very huge cock to my mouth, i remember it from previous time, and luv it. NSA Guy bends me over and starts pounding my slushy wet pussy, he moves off and Phil takes over, my word he is huge and fills me up with his meat, and so we go, he pounds me like the world is coming to an end i'm moaning as i climax over and over.

The other guys are wanking, touching me, sucking each other while watching and touching me. I see Tony forcing his cock to Pat's mouth, and a while later i see him ejaculate in Pat's mouth as he sitting next to me, this forces me to climax, oh it looks so good

I would like another repeat of travelling with a nice guy and Pat to and fro from AW , playing in the car, in AW and back in the car all the way home