Written by Serendipity

31 Mar 2013

Our real first time at what we call a swingers club, and our BEST ever trip home, THOSE trips that we all dread after a nice time.

Although I might miss the one upstairs bed, this place wasn't anything we want to see again. 

What is well worth mentioning is, is the berth of our profile name 


It was here that we met this couple, who introduced us to the kind of club where we wanted to be, and are now our  first possible playmate couple.

All dressed up as a Bunny in a short black number, we arrived at the club. The night flew by. Oh boy, and did I have the ride of my life. In one of the rooms there was a swing mounted to the ceiling . Hubby took me for the ride of my life on the swing, one pre-set boundary flew out the door, as I agreed to leave the door open and hubby opened it. 

As only a few times before, we were the last to leave.  With no pre planned, plans (as I recently adopted a new motto: 


as you only get 2 chances, the first one and the last one) we took the road home.  Discussing  the nights events, hubby remembered my hand on my friends leg, as I was rubbing her and lightly scratched her. Believe me it was a bit weird, but not bad, as I have never been with a woman before and had absolutely no experience.   The few guys that I have been with, never exposed me to any kind of thing like this, nor did they teach me anything......SHAME ON THEM! thanks to Google I learned a few things and even created 2 cd's with information for him and her, with books and clips that I found worth knowing. 

Tonight was the night to test some off the things I have learnt....... and practice makes perfect, we had the time on our hands...........so why not.

Hubby, light of my life, my one and only: How was the ride home?

My dick was out as soon as we hit the road. Have you ever had a blow job at 120km on the highway, absolute Heaven.  We stopped at the first One stop and after some scouting went into the ladies. We quickly discovered that somebody was in the stall next to us but we were going at it like rabbits trying to keep it down. But before the job got done somebody else entered and she was farting and having a dump, 4 am, like she had a whole pot of samp and beans. O.....M......G......... we can still hear her.........At this  we were laughing so much we had to get out of there. 

Back on the highway my dick was out again. She was rubbing it slowly just the way I like it. This time we turned down a little road going to the beach. By the time we had the blanket out, we also noticed there were a few fisherman standing around.  We were seriously considering to do it right there, but sense prevailed and we were of again. 

Not very far down the road we found a gravel road into a sugar cane field. In no time she was on her knees on the back seat with the door open. Me ramming it into her from the back. After 2 earth shattering orgasms and a few cars passing a few meters from us,we decided to brave the rest of the road. 

 You know off coarse my dick was being stroked all the way. Me trying to concentrate on the road and having those small pre cum orgasms. 

So at last we reach home. And of coarse our favorite place to get the jiggy on, is the bar under our lapa in our back yard. There some things you can only do on a bar stool. But that is a whole new story.

So after a blast off a time at the bar, we ended up on our bed and fell in to a well deserved sleep. Like the love of my live says " Worth every inch"