06 Apr 2019

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We were still new to the lifestyle and it was Ann’s birthday that Wednesday, I asked Ann what she wanted, Ann replied; let go away for a couple of day. So we decided to go to the Pearls on the North coast, that Wednesday to Saturday, leaving Saturday morning. We needed to book in after 2 that afternoon. We arrived at the Pearls just after 14H00, booked in and went and put our bags in the room. We took a walk on the beach front, it was beautify. We got back to room, showered and went to Hooters for a bit to eat. We sat inside, ordered food and a bottle of champagne. Across from us there was an elderly guy having a meal, working on his laptop. Grey hair clean shaved and well dressed. Ann had a see though blouse, no bra and a skirt with no panties on. After our first bottle of champagne, I ordered another bottle, I told Ann to spread her legs, so that the stranger told see her pussy and she had no panty on, Ann opened and closed her legs, looking at the stranger. I asked Ann to put her finger in her pussy, and then lick it, which she did. This makes Ann really horny, playing in public; Ann told me that every now and then he would look up at Ann and smile. I asked Ann if she okay, if I invite him to join us. Ann replied; you can. (That is where the saying comes from, women’s rule, if you want to invite someone to join you in bed, the lady will go and ask them to join us) I got up and invited him to join us. He come over, introduced himself as Max, Ann shook hands, and welcomed him. Max was in his late 50’s. He was down on business. We chatted, ate and had another bottle of champagne. When we were about to leave, I ask Ann how was she feeling, Ann’s replied; I’m very relaxed, that’s the code we use if Ann okay with the guy. I looked at Max and ask him to join us in our room for a night cap, Max replied; yes that will be great. We got back to our room, Ann needed the bathroom. Max was nerve and told me, this was his first time doing this; I replied; relax and follow my lead. I poured more champagne, standing outside on the balcony overlooking the sea, it was unbelievable. I stood behind Ann putting my hands down her blouse, squeezing her nipples, playing with her tits. I removed Ann blouse, and skirt. Max was watching us nervously; I invited Max to join in. Max was already horny, he lifted Ann left leg on the railing, on his knees, muffing her. Max stood up with a 6” hard cock, Ann took his cock in her hand, bent over and started sucking him. I joined them, Ann sucked both our together, and I pushed my cock into Ann pussy from behind, fucking her slowly and deep. Max was playing with Ann’s tits. Ann was still sucking his cock, Max looked at me, I showed him let swap; we played with Ann on the balcony for a good hour or so. Ann had multiple orgasms, Max took Ann inside, on the couch, Max was on top of Ann, he fucked her hard and fast, turned Ann around, fucking her doggy. I put my cock in Ann’s mouth, fucking her mouth, I squirted my cream into Ann mouth, and Max was still fucking Ann hard, shot his cum into Ann’s pussy. We stood outside on the balcony and finished our drinks. Max left and we showered and got into bed. I wished Ann happy birthday again, Ann replied that was fun.

The next morning after breakfast we went down to the beach, it was a great day, water was fantastic. A couple come and laid next to us, They ask us if we mined, Ann and I replied; no, you welcome, he replied; I’m Vin and this is Linda, We replied, John and Ann. Vin was in his late 40s, good looking, tall, well tanned, she was very sexy, pretty, short blond hair, well tanned, great body, nice small tits and in her early 40s. They both had red swim suits on, Ann and I looked at each other, Ann said softly; that’s a sexy couple. I went for a swim, when I returned to get my towel; VIN asked me; how the water? I replied; it great. VIN and Linda went for a swim. Ann asked me, did you notice that they both had black rings on and on their right hand. I replied; no. Ann suggested we go for a swim and join them, which we did. That afternoon Ann wanted to go back to the room for a shower and wash her hair. I told VIN and Linda we going back to you room, and it was nice meeting them. VIN replied; like wish, do you guys want to join us for supper tonight? Ann replied quickly; yes, that will be great. We agreed to meet at Hooters at 17h00. Ann was really into them, we arrived at Hooters, VIN and Linda were already there, VIN waved at us as we entered, we joined them, ordered drinks and food. Chatted for at least 3 hours, Ann was touching them as she was speaking, having a great time, Ann turned and looked at me, and said; I’m very relaxed, with a grin on her face. VIN suggest we take this to their room, Linda told VIN and Ann to settle the bill, John and I are going for a smoke beach, and we catch up to you guys. Linda and I walked down to the beach chatting, I asked Linda, I see you and VIN are wearing black rings and on the right hand, Linda replied; yes that what swingers do, a black ring on the right hand, any finger, except the middle finger, that means you in the lifestyle. Sorry we thought you guys knew this. I giggled and said, we are swingers but new to the lifestyle, Linda and I sat on the beach and chatted, Linda suggested we catch up with Ann and VIN. We went to their hotel, we waited at the door, and Linda suggested we go up to the room. Linda opened the door, there were VIN and Ann on the bed naked, VIN was on top of Ann muffing her and Ann was sucking VIN’s cock, 69 positions. Linda removed all her clothes and mine, pushed me on the bed, kissing me, sucking my cock, I turned Linda, muffing her, sucking her clit into my mouth. Linda got up, pushed me on the bed, giving me a deep throat blow job, I could feel her tight throat and my ball on your chin. Linda moved around Ann, to her pussy, VIN turn around, and sat on his knees over Ann, fucking her mouth, trying to push his 8” cock down her throat; Linda placed herself between Ann’s legs, pussy to pussy. Linda started fucking Ann, Ann enjoyed this as she too was fucking Linda, Ann was having an orgasm that she has never had before, Ann and Linda was screaming out load, yes, yes. VIN and I lay on the bed watching, Linda rolled over, her head was off the bed, I got up, stood behind Linda, pushed my cock into her mouth, into her throat, all the way up to my balls, fucking her throat slowly, it was unbelievable watching my cock disappearing in Linda’s mouth. I looked up Ann was muffing Linda, VIN was fucking Ann doggy. I pulled out and laid on the bed, VIN lay next to me, Linda got on top of me, Ann was on top of VIN, Ann and Linda was kissing each other well fucking us, Linda and Ann had a major orgasm. Linda lay on top of me exhausted, Ann was still fucking VIN, and Ann cried out; oh yes I’m coming, lay on top of VIN, breathless. We laid and chatted on the bed for at least an hour after.

Ann and I got back to the Pearls, showered, had coffee and chatted. I told Ann about the black rings, on the right hand. They thought we knew they were swingers and that was why VIN took you to the room without waiting of us. Ann said that she knew, we will come up and that she wanted to fuck this guy.

The next day we relaxed on the beach, went to the Spa, Ann was so relaxed and satisfied, and we both bought black wedding bands and wear it on our right hand when we go out to play. We left the next morning and never seen Max, VIN or Linda again.

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