30 Jul 2019

I was feeling so horny today really craving a big thick cock to fill my wet pussy. And as luck would have it he messaged me. He was someone I had been chatting to for a while and we had met a year ago but in all this time never had the time or venue to play. So when he told me he would be alone at the office and I was 10mins away, I packed up in seconds and was on my way in an uber . This had to be quick I told him because my hubby had to fetch me some place else and he did not know about my "lifestyle" . When the uber arrived he was waiting for me we shook hands like professionals and entered the building. We made our way to his office, a big room curtains drawn a large desk in the corner and a few leather chairs. We had but a few mins so we both got naked and so ready for each other. He was so fucking hot his dark skin so damn delicious , tall , muscular damn his muscles are so hard such a tight ass and those biceps and pecs mmm... when he held me close my soft tits against his hard warm chest felt so sexy. He caressed my body touching every inch of me, then his lips found mine and we kissed so delicious. His fingers found my wet pussy craving for his cock. I had to taste him so I went down on my knees and worshipped his magnificent , big thick cock. This man is exactly the way I like my coffee strong , black and hot. His huge tool filled my mouth and I could have sucked him all day. But he wanted my pussy so he got a condom and I helped roll it on then I bent over and let him fuck my pussy from behind. When he entered my wet cunt and filled me with his cock I trembled it felt so good. Then he moved me over to the large table in the corner I got on and leaned back my legs spread my wet pussy on display he stood tall and then rubbed his huge cock over my wet slit making me so horny. Then he fucked my pussy harder and deeper with each thrust . Then he came . I was not done . So I got off the table and he removed the condom. Then he kissed me again, played with my pussy I played with his cock. All the while wishing he would fuck me bareback I wanted to feel his warm big black cock but we played it safe. He has such an appetite eventhough he had just cum he was hard again but this time his sensual fingers made me cum. When he was done I licked them clean. It was so amazing but I needed more. Then we got dressed , kissed and he walked me out . We hope to repeat this but for longer in a hotel room soon. I like office sex.