31 Jan 2018

Having problems with my back. I visited my doctor and was booked into Entabeni Hospital on the Ridge in Durban. I was placed in a traction harness to get my slipped disks back into place. At first I was alone in the ward with empty beds to keep me company. On the third day they admitted a young matriculate that was booked to have the cartilages on both his knees out. Being in traction and not able to walk around I was bored out of my mind. The only thing that made it bearable was a little red headed night nurse, she was very sexy and didn’t mind me making jokes and I felt her bum a few times when she attended to me. She would just give me a sweet smile and move out of my reach but wasn’t upset that I was so forward, in fact I think she kind of liked the idea.

One evening during visiting hours the parents and sister of the young lad laying in the bed next to me came to visit him and were sitting chatting to him and I when the little night nurse came into the ward. I noticed something different about her, she was not her normal self, that naughty look in her eye was a clear indication she was up to no good.

She greeted everyone, asked if they were fine and approached my bed and pulled the privacy curtain around me blocking the people in the wards view. Its time for me to check your harness” she said. She then unhooked the weights from the pulleys and lowered them gently to the floor, giving me a sexy view of her yummy bum as she bent over.

Pulling the sheet off me she started to un-strap the harness that was around my hips.

She was bent over me and her sexy bum was right there, I slid my hand slowly up the back of her thigh, higher and higher feeling her through the stockings. Tonight she was dressed different, instead of full stockings, she had suspenders and g string panties on. I ran my hand up over her sexy bum feeling every glorious inch of it, then slowly moved my hand up between her legs, up towards her pussy. Her dress was now lifted up over her hips by my arm. As my hand touched her panty covered pussy I felt her wetness, she was drenched, hot and horny.

My fingers moved her panties out of the way and started exploring her opening, she was tight, I slipped my finger deeper opening her up, getting her ready for the next one or two.

She finally got the straps loose on the harness and it fell to the sides of my body, releasing my cock, it was rock hard with one of those hardon’s that isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Her hand closed around it and started to move up and down.

I shifted my hand to the front of her legs and pushed my fingers into her, she let out a soft moan and shifted her feet wider apart giving me the rights to her pussy.

I could hear the people chatting by the bed next door, they must be wondering what’s going on I thought, but I was way beyond giving a shit.

With my other hand I guided her face to mine and we kissed, a hungry greedy kiss, hot and wet. As we kissed I fucked her with my fingers slowly opening her up and adding another and another. Her knees became shaky, she pulled away from me, slipped her panties off and shoved them under the sheet that was laying discarded on the edge of the bed. I lifted myself up and turned sideways on the bed, my head in line with her pussy. My hands grabbed her hips and pulled her closer, her legs opened to allow my head between her thighs. I pushed my face into her hot wet juicy pussy, my tongue exploring her depths, tasting her sweet nectar. Little red head nurse was trying hard to control herself, she rode my face and tongue in reckless abandon. Her orgasm spilled out onto my tongue and face, so wet and juicy, so fucking sexy.

We heard a noise on the other side of the curtain, the people had been silent for awhile now I realized. Little red head nurse started tiding herself up, pulling her dress down and straightening her nurse hat that had come loose from the clips in her hair. She looked so beautiful at that moment, her cheeks flushed, lips red and puffy and a far away look n her eyes. I wanted her now, my dick was hard, raging with lust wanting that ginger pussy.

She stepped up to the curtains and opened them fully and said, “I will be back after the visitors leave to take you to the shower” and left the ward.

I looked up at the young lad’s visitors, they had strange looks on their faces, his older sister blew me a kiss and winked her eye, her face flushed, and a glint in her eye.

The little nurse returned a little later and accompanied me to the showers, but that’s a story for another day.