28 Jan 2018

On my way home one Friday afternoon I received a call from a friend of mine that used to do the karaoke evening at a pub I owned in Durban..He had opened up a karaoke bar just around the corner from where I lived. I asked him how it was going and he replied that it wasn’t doing so good and that I should come around and do some of my songs to liven the place up and get the people drinking. I agreed and told him I would be there at eight that night.

On arriving at my friends pub I noticed that there where quite a few people in the bar but they were just sitting around looking very bored and no one wanted to sing.

I threw a few of my party songs into the play list and started singing. After awhile the people were dancing and having a good time. As soon as the people started to sing themselves I knew my job was done so I made my way up to the upper deck which overlooked the bar and singing area and settled down to a refreshing drink.

After a little while a young lady made her way up the stairs and asked if she could join me. We sat and chatted for a long time and eventually the conversation reached sexual overtones and we decided to go to my place down the road and continue further.

I walked her to to her car and we ended up chatting with her sitting in the drivers seat and me sitting on the ledge of her car door between the seat and the foot pedals. The parking lot had quite a few people standing around chatting and laughing.

As we chatted the skirt that she was wearing was rising higher and higher up her sexy thighs, giving me a glimpse of her shaved pussy. I placed my hand on her leg and as the conversation progressed so did my hand up her thigh. Higher and higher it went until I felt the soft wet lips of her pussy. I slowly pushed my middle finger into her warm soft wet paradise and she relaxed back into the seat with a naughty sigh. Through my hornyness I was vaguely aware of the banter and people walking past the car every now and then.

Judging by her flushed cheeks and heavy breathing I knew it was time for another finger.

I slowly inserted another, feeling her wetness gush around my fingers. A soft groan escaped her lips and she thrust her hips upwards, she wanted more. Her body trembling with anticipation as I told her how I wanted to fuck her with my whole hand., the leather seat glistening in the moonlight, wet with her sweet nectar. I knew if I carry on now the whole parking lot would be witness to her orgasm. I suggested that we go to my place before we get arrested for public indecency.

We left the parking lot with her following close behind me. A few kilometers down the road she flashed her lights at me and I pulled over opposite the railway station. I walked to her car and asked what was the matter, she replied that she was so horny she wanted to get naked. We took of our clothes in the middle of the street threw them in the back of her car and made our way to my place, her driving her car and me in my car totally naked.

My place was situated on top of a cliff overlooking a river and to get there you had to drive a little way alongside the river. I pulled over next to the river as it curved through passed my driveway. We stood at the rivers edge and kissed and held each other naked in the swirling mist. Now and then a vehicle would pass by but I think the mist prevented them from seeing us naked. I slid my hand back between her legs and felt an inferno raging, hot lava running down her velvet thighs. I gently and firmly pushed my four fingers into her as she opened her legs. A strange cry came from her lips as my fingers entered her, deeper and deeper they went hungry for her tight hot slippery wetness.

I looked into her eyes, they were glazed over, she was lost, lost in ecstasy her head thrown back in a world of intense sexual pleasure, she cried out for more, my thumb slipped into her, I could feel her tight pussy slowly enveloping my hand inch by inch constricting in waves of pleasure as she started her orgasm. I pushed harder and harder my knuckles reaching her tight opening. The sound of her pleasure and the river running though the rocks was loud in my ears, my cock as hard as the rocks in the river I wanted to own her pussy use it, she was giving it to me. She was riding my hand, I could feel she was near orgasm. I kissed her deeply and pushed my entire hand wrist deep into her boiling hot pussy, as my knuckles went through the opening of her cunt she started to climax, shuddering and screaming over and over again wanting more and more, a flood of hot wet sticky pussy juice running down my wrist, dripping into shallow waters of the river flowing past. She finally let out a satisfied groan and collapsed against my chest, spent, a heap of quivering mess. I carried her to my car and drove her to my place. Which is a story for another day.