28 May 2018

'What a Swinging Evening."

The Eagle had landed and all the Ants were rushing for the exit, then across the tarmac for cosol three. While milling around and waiting for their baggage, little did the women know that there was a beast of Greek Man in their midst. Out side Joanne was been hampered by an official. Reaching the top of the ramp and with no empty parking bay insight, Joanne double parked, the official approached her and said, Madame, what are you doing, looking at him, she said, "waiting for my pickup can't you see." Looking confused he said to her, no you won't, so move on. Around went Joanne again, on reaching the top of the ramp, standing in front of an empty parking bay waving their hands madly as if to try and draw some attention was George and Helena. Joanne stoped and the baggage in the trunk of the car, and Helena in the front passenger seat and George in the rear. Helena gave Joanne a peck on her cheek, while George looked on, not saying a world, he kept looking into the review mirror, and finally said, "so you will be regretting that, you are neglecting me." Joanne looked at George through the review mirror, said, " Is that a promise or is that a threat." The banter carried on all the way home between the three of them. The three of them lazed around the pool for the afternoon. It is just passed four thirty when I walked through the front door, George turned around, and said, " Hi you bastard, finished selling intoxicating liquid to all the men and women so they can have some fun again." Laughing, I returned the complement, yes you Greek Beast, at least not like you, just ready to fuck what ever moves. It was the way we spoke to each other as we had been friends for many years, and there was no hard feelings.

The afternoon sped passed and now the two ladies were inside, not quite sure what they were doing, but were supposed to be getting ready for our evening with other friends, some known to George and Helena, but Sally-Anne and Robyn were new to them. Robyn and Sally-Anne had arrived and there was no motion coming from the kitchen, when Sally-Anne said, " Eating out are we," when Helene said, " Yes, and pick up a tin of beans, yes out of tins." Joanne laughing, said, " No it will be Mr. Delivery." Picking up her phone, Joanne made a call and said, " This is me, we are all ready." After a few minutes, the entrance door bell rang, Joanne yelled come in. In walked Larry dressed in his chauffeur uniform, follow me he said, leading us all out of front door, parked in the drive way was his Limousine. He opened the door, and sitting inside was a gentleman and two ladies. George noticing the three, shouted out so there is Hugh and his two Bunny Girls. A voice from inside the limousine, shouted no George, it's Gregory, Estelle and Candy....As we all entered into the Limousine, George greeted Greg, and said hopefully you won't hog the two women all evening. I introduced Robyn and Sally-Anne to Greg, Estelle and Candy. Larry served us all a drink before leaving on our journey to the Greek Restaurant in Rondebosch. Meandering down the street, and the ladies sipping on their Margaretta's and the men on their whisky's, when suddenly Larry made an announcement on the right is a church where we will be stopping later to night for all of you to say your penance for all your sins.. George burst out laughing, lucky me, my father is the Pope as you know, so ladies, if you feel my hand on your pussy, don't worry, I don't want to grope you, I just want to feel. All the ladies burst out, laughing, and we arrived at the restaurant, all of us out of the Limousine, Greg said to Larry,you better not be late, as all the ladies want to be like Cinderella and the men don't want to turn into pumpkins. We all entered the restaurant and were shown to our table, which was the only round table in the venue, which was very easy for each of us to communicate with each other. The Whisky and the Ouzo was on the table, and it wasn't long and the liquid was starting to flow, and we were all on the dance floor, trying out our skills at Greek Dancing, sure some of us must of ended up with a few bruised shin, but that was all part of the fun. Then the food started to make it way to the table, and a pile of plates made it's way to the center of the table, which we all knew, what they were for, to go crashing onto the floor. All of us eating, and the men and women eyeing each other, and the band started up again, and it was very interesting to see who was dancing with who. George took a fancy to Estelle and Candy, while Joanne and Helene seemed to fancy Greg, while I danced with Sally-Anne, as Robyn was a person who seemed to have two left feet. Everybody was really enjoying themselves except Robyn, when George walked up to me and said, what is wrong with Robyn, looking at George, I said, " Fuck him, we only invited them because of Sally-Anne.

The evening was flashing past , and the plates started to crash on the floor, and the men were dancing with their fancy's and some of the ladies dancing with each other, when in walked Larry and said, "are The Cinderella's ready to look for there Prince Charming. The bill settled and everybody back in the Limousine and ready to paint the town red. Traveling in the direction of city on the m3, when Larry announced that there was a cocktail "Sex On The Beach" in the cabinet if anyone was interested, when suddenly Robyn piped up and said, "I would prefer Sex in the Limousine instead." George and Sally-Anne looked in his direction thinking what is happening as he had hardly said a word all evening, as he was very much a voyeurism type of person. On opening the cabinet, we all saw a bowl of strawberries, cherries and a jug of whipped cream. All looking at each other, and saying a much better idea. When Larry interrupts with another message, on the left is UCT, this is what the party just needed, when Estelle and Candy stood up lift up their dresses and flashed their panty's, and said surely this is what you wanted to see. Joanne, Helene and Sally-Anne uncrossed their legs and flashing their pussy as they had already taken off their panties. Out came the cream and the bowl of strawberries and cherries, and off went all the ladies clothes, now all of them in the nude. George started to rub the cream all over the bodies of Estelle and Candy, licking off the cream and fondling with their breast, and them playing with his cock, pulling off his trousers, and rubbing cream all over his cock, they started to lick his cock clean, with just cream on the head of his cock, into Candy's mouth went his cock, and George licking on Estelle's pussy. Greg started to rub Joanne and Helene's pussy with strawberries, before feeding them with the strawberries. Off went my shirt and then my trousers by Sally-Anne, and both of us in the nude, and me licking the cream off her pussy. By now all of the men and ladies were totally naked, and the condom wrappers were on the floor, some of the ladies were bending over and waiting for a cock to enter into their pussy, while others were sitting on the laps of some of the men, already with a cock inside their pussy's. Cocks trusting deep into their pussy's, while other's were getting finger fucked while waiting for their turn to have a cock to satisfy them, with some of the ladies sitting on the edge of the seat with their legs spread apart the fucking began all over again, fucking and fucking, the noise also drowning the music, when the the Limousine came to a halt and we were all home again.