13 Mar 2019


I am mrs P and this is a story I thought you may enjoy. It actually happened so I have changed the names to protect the not so innocent hee hee.

My boyfriend was in JHB at the time and I was bored in Cpt. My aunt was home with me and also in the mood to do something other than sit at home and just be bored. My aunt is young at heart and good looking for her age, so going places with her was far from embarrasing and always turned into moments to remember.

So we climbed into the car and decided to do a bit of a pub crawl that evening. Careful not to get caught drinking and driving we limited ourselves to two shooters per bar that we stopped at but after the fourth place we both started to feel like we should rather just go to a place near home which we knew well because this was gonna be a hectic session hee hee.

So we arrived at the pub and already feeling a bit tipsy we pushed our way to the bar and ordered a couple more shooters and a rum and coke each. the guys where pulling us onto the dance floor every now and then and it was great fun. The dancing seemed to keep us from going over that edge and kept us in the naughty mood we had hoped for.

There was a pool table in the corner of the bar and an older guy who my aunt knew asked if I wanted to play a game. I could see that this guy was showing a lot of interest in me and I thought I would accept his offer and then use the oppotunity to tease him a bit, just for a laugh. Im a good pool player but I pretended to really suck at it. I guess the fact that I was so tipsy also helped to seal the deal. So he came up behind me and helped me hold the cue straight. I wiggled my ass every now and then and managed to get the guy so worked up, I could feel his penis get hard in his jeans. Then I did a nasty thing and finished the balls on the table and said thank you and returned to where my aunt was sitting for another drink.

My aunt had hooked up with another guy and they where suckingface much better, his hand where under her top and i could see that what he was doing was making her nipples stand erect against the fabric of her shirt. We dont do the incest thing but I must say it was a turn on to watch this guy go to work on her. She dound the bulge in his pants and was massaging it while they where kissing.

I didnt want to disturb them so I leant onto the bar to obscure them and keep her fun a little private. The barman chatted to me between serving drinks so I wasnt bored while I waited.

The alcohol and the effect of hearing the two of them moaning as they fondled each other was having a serious effect on me and I became so wet that i could feel my jeans get soaked between my legs. I was wondering if anyone could see that so I reached behind me to feel if it had come through. As I did that I felt a hand firmly grab my wrist and push it aside and i heard a low growl of a voice say "Ill help you" as he began to rub his fingers down between my legs, I got such a fright but couldnt move. whoever it was knew exactly what he was doing and it felt good.

I dont wear panties as a rule, so when he finally slid his hand into my jeans he was met with no resistance from me or a pair of panties hee hee. he spread my legs with his foot and loosened my jean zipper and button in what seemed to be one move. His large fingers quickly found my lips and he parted them and pushed his finger deep into my hot wet pussy. I felt like I was gonna explode. He rubbed his finger against my G-spot and I could feel my legs begin to shake. I gripped the bar counter tighter and let out a soft whimper as my climax began to build.

I finally got up the nerve to try and see who it was that had me in the palm of their hand but what i did manage to see, was that the other guys standng around had huge hard ons as they stood and watched the events that where taking place. I noticed that even my aunt and her boyfriend where starring with smiles on their faces.

I couldnt look any further around and my pleasure giver would have to remain faceless for the timebeing as I could feel my orgasm reach its peak.

Suddenly it all stopped. he withdrew his hand from my pants and leaned forward and whispered into my ear, "that will teach you to tease an older guy" and he turned away and left as I felt my orgasm leave with him and any chance of feeling myself explode from passion and excitement.

I dont know how long I stood there with my ass exposed to the rest of the bar, but one thought was in my mind and that was that older guys should be taken more seriously hee hee