Written by Chatcouple

18 Feb 2014

Naturism is normally marketed as a non-sexual life style exercised by the nature lover. Yet many people in the swinging arena would testify that their way to swinging was paved through naturism. Naturism certainly does its contribution towards overcoming inhibitions…

But what I actually want to get to is that naturism does also offer those small moments of opportunism for the naughty mind…Naturist events have fairly strict rules – no public sex, no erections on display, no touching, etc. etc.

A & myself have developed a few naturism “games” that we love to play when the setting is right…We would be sitting on the patio of Buff Lodge (near East Londen) enjoying a lazy afternoon in the sun with people you have just met for the first time. So….sitting opposite another couple…and all is naked….you can sit in various ways….A is blessed with amazing legs, and inner lips that are always visible. We would share our secret sign…and she would start with the “game”…and I would check the watch. Legs stretched out in front of her, then opened slightly, then a little more…and the male eyes are normally caught in voyeurism by now, then folding the legs in underneath her to focus the attention a little more, exposing her lovely inner lips…By now he is either semi-erect or fully erect….and its time for a cover up in accordance with the rules. And I “stop” the watch. It normally takes somewhere between 1 to 10 minutes to create an erection.

There are other games, too, but those I shall tell you a bit more at some other stage…