15 Mar 2019

I'd bought a house in a valley and it had a huge property with a stream bubbling through the bottom end of the garden. The building was a double story and the bottom half had a double garage with a 2bedroom diningroom kitchen toilet and shower. Upstairs we had 4 bedrooms lounge kitchen etc.

So my wife and i decided to rent the bottom out for added income. We put an ad in the local paper and we got a young couple a policeman and his teacher wife as tenants. We got along fairly well and after about a month i decided to go fishing and he decided to tag along.

We fished in the river and had a few beers. We talked about lots of stuff and as usual with guys the sex topic pops up. After a dozen beers each Mike just blurted out your wife is sexy as fuck she is slim with long legs its what dreams are made off. I looked at him and said your wife has an as like Jlo.

I would never think twice if the opportunity pops up. We continued chatting and decided to pack up. After loading the bakkie with our tackle etc we decided to have a piss before leaving. We both stood pissing and i saw Mike's cock he was thicker and longer than my cock.

We got home a few more drinks and we called it the night. I lay in bed with Bev chatting and i told her Mike thinks she is hot she just laughed then i told her he has a whopper i seen it whilst pissing.

She never said much as we dozed off i awoke hours later finding her sucking my cock whilst fingering herself. I asked her whats up and she said she cant get Mikes big cock out her head. We fucked and slept. The next day i noticed her attitude to Mike changed she was friendly and more open. The whiskey came out earlier than usual and everyone was getting light headed. Mike's wife Jess decided to snooze a bit so i decided to pretend to sleep aswell.

We were both on one sofa and her head rolled onto my shoulder and let her relax while putting my arm over her shoulder and carressing her left breast. The chatter and giggles seemed to quieten down so i peeped out to see Bev and Mike in each other arms as Mike tongue fucked my wifes mouth. I could see her massage his cock through his trackpants.

They broke their kiss with her saying its wrong he told her how he has been wanting her since the day he seen her. He took her hand and placed it in his trackpants i could see as she wanked him. She said it was wrong she wanted to but can't do it. He leaned forward kissed her again. I put a finger to my lip opened my eyes smiled at her and gave her the thumps up.

That was all Bev needed. She broke the kiss pulled her undies off and sat on the edge of the pool table asking Mike to fuck her before she changes her mind. Mike wasted no time as he drove into my wifes pussy he fucked her till she couldn't breath.

He then helped her to the bedroom from where i could hear the bed squeak to their fucking on my marital bed. When they had done the deed Mike returned to the lounge and carried his wife downstairs. He then "assisted" me to my bed.

After he left my wife told me that was the best fucking she has had in years. I allow her to fuck Mike and he doesn't know that i know they fucking. Whenever he is on rest days my wife is fucked all day i come home to a sore pussy. I think Bev gets more of Mikes cock than Jess and i get all the ludrid details and lots of sloppy seconds.

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