25 Apr 2019

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We decided to go away for a week to Kruger Park Lodge to relax and play golf; we booked there from the Monday to the Monday the following week. We arrived there on that particular Monday afternoon about 3 that afternoon. We had a great relaxing week, playing golf every day, relaxing by the pool and going on site seeing. We just had our normal sex like husband and wife do. Ann was getting a bit frustrated as she was ready to go back home, there were not any people there that we found interring. Ann had a red bikini on and all the guys at the pool were watching her, but your wives were not impressed. We played golf again that Saturday afternoon and there was a 4 ball playing (guys) in front of us. They started chatting to us as we had to wait for them on the tee boxes. Ann attitude changed as all the guys was flirting with her. Ann had a short skirt, low cut blouse on. They were all in their forties, average looking and average build. We finished playing and went to the club house for drinks. Andy, Mark, Kevin and Dick joined us. They were down for the weekend; boys weekend away, leaving Monday morning. Kevin asked us if we could have a 4 ball with him and Dick on Sunday afternoon. We replied; yes that would be great. Andy and Mark would go off first. On Sunday afternoon we met them on the first tee box and had a great day of golf as the weather and course was great, we all went to the club house again for drinks, we were just about to leave, I asked Ann; how do you feel, Ann replied; I’m very relaxed thanks. So I invited the guys to our bungalow for drinks. They all replied; thanks, that will be great, just need to shower and they will be there. Ann and I got back to our bungalow and had a shower. I put a short pants and a T-shirt on, Ann had a sexy dress, no panties nor a bra on. The guys arrived about an hour later; Ann and I were sitting outside having drinks. We all sat outside having drinks and chatting.

Ann needed the toilet, when she was inside I ask them if they were keen to play a sex game with Ann; they were very keen and excited. So we all went inside and closed the door. Ann returned and said; and now. I told Ann, we wanted to play a game with you, Ann is always keen. I stood behind Ann, removed her straps off her shoulders and dropped her dress to the floor, all the guys were watching, she was completely naked, I started playing with Ann’s tits, moved my hand down to Ann’s pussy, she was wet and horny, I tried her hands behind her back, and each guy played and sucked her tits. I blind folded her, and Ann sat on the edge of the couch. I asked the guy’s to remove their clothes, including me. Each guy, one at a time needed to stand in front of Ann, Ann needed to take each guy cock in her month and guess whos cock it is. All the guys’ cocks were already hard which make it easier. If Ann guessed correctly he can fuck her first. Ann did not guess correctly, we had great laugh and it was fun. Ann layer back and each guy muffed her, playing with her tits, so I changed the rules, I removed Ann’s blind fold and untied her hands, she had a drink and Ann was allowed to check out each guy’s cock, by sucking it and feeling it. I blind folded her again, without tying her hands. Kevin went first and Ann guessed correctly, as Kevin had the smallest cock, Dick had the biggest cock of us all. Ann did well as she guessed correctly except for Andy and Mark. Ann removed her blind fold, stood up, pushed Dick on the couch and started sucking Dick’s cock, Kevin stood behind Ann fucking her dogging, Kevin pulled out, Ann shouted put it back in, Mark was behind Ann, pushed his cock in Ann’s pussy, fuck her hard and fast, Mark pulled out, Ann shouted again put it back in, Andy was now fucking Ann, I changed places with Dick, Ann was sucking my cock hard and deep, I could feel Ann was having multiple orgasms. Kevin pulled out, Dick pushed his thick and long cock into Ann, fucked her hard and slow, Ann started to squirt, Ann cried out again, don’t stop, and fuck me harder. Dick fucked her hard and fast, pulled out and shoots his cum all over Ann Ass; I shot my cream into Ann’s mouth. Ann sat down on the floor exhausted, Mark, Kevin and Andy stood over Ann waking, shot their cream all over Ann’s tits, face and in her mouth. All the guys sat down relieved. Ann got up and went for a shower again.

We all had a drink and chatted outside, Ann did not join us, she just come out and said good bye to all the guys, Ann went off to bed and we partied until early hours. Driving back to Durban, Ann said; that was now a great holiday leaving with a bang. Women rule in this life style.

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