24 Feb 2019

I work in the civil construction industry and am away from home for weeks on end. My wife and i chat daily on the phone. One evening she said her sister had moved in with us as she was having problems at home. I never paid much attention as i felt she would move out in a week or so.

Fast forward a month and we were almost complete two weeks ahead from completion of the project. I would then get two weeks of paid leave before moving to the next site. I never told my wife I'm coming thought I'd surprise her. I got home and heard the shower running so i stripped down opened the shower door and stepped in.

There was my sister in law body covered in soap back to me querying why i was early from work.

Her ass was perfect my cock rock hard i stepped forward wrapped my arms around her my cock nestled in the crack of her sexy ass and i whispered i came home early for her.

She swung around pushing me away taking a swing at me screaming who the fuck are you. She slipped in the shower crashing against the wall and i reached out grabbed her before she hurt herself. Only then did she realize it was me. I apologized saying i didn't know it was her in my ensuite shower as guests us the guests shower. She said since i was away they had been using the main bedroom.

By this time my hands were roaming all over her sexy body and my bone hard cock sandwiched between our bellies. Now she hadn't had a man in atleast a month and i had been hungry for around the same period making us both horny as hell.

I just bent forward locking my lips against hers as we kissed passionately as the warm shower water casscaded over our bodies. She broke the kiss saying she can't betray her sister. I kissed her again slid my arms under her ass and lifted her up against the wall as my cock found it's way to her pussy.

As i lowered her onto my cock her pussy engulfing my meat stick inch by inch she kissed me passionately i was finally balls deep in her tight pussy. I started lifting her body slowly and lowering her on my had cock enjoying the tightness of her pussy. I asked her to wrap her arms around my neck and hold tight as i began pumping in and out of her love tunnel. I felt her cum and she bit my ear tenderly. Due to the long duration of not being with a woman i came deep in her pussy not long after.

We got our breaths back soaped each other off and got out the shower. To be continued.......

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