09 Jun 2019

I receive a few messages on here and sometimes some messages catch me when I'm looking for some fun and I have no option but to indulge.That's what happened not so long ago.

I received a message from a certain gent. He was interested and interesting, also, he was close and could host. Great! I hate the whole hotel thing. So I sent him a whatsapp to which he responded immediately.

I don't like swapping face pics and he was okay with that. I like to be surprised. Lol. There are less chances of me changing my mind when I'm there. So I prefer it this way and it's more exciting anyway.

We chatted for a few minutes and soon I was in an Uber on my way to him.

I was feeling particularly sexy this day, I wore my sexy nude coloured dress with a denim jacket and some nude heels. I wore no panties or bra, I wouldn't be needing them anyway. 😉

As the Uber arrived I texted him that I was at the gate, he opened the gate and I walked in. I could feel his eyes on me as I was walking in even though I couldn't see him. He opened the door and we were both happy we were 'normal', we shook hands and I walked in.

He poured us both some wine and we chatted for a bit and soon talk changed to sex and our experiences, I was turned on and when he got up to refill our glasses I noticed he was too. I was gonna make a move.

He stood in front of me to hand me my glass, I touched his erection and massaged his cock, he stood there both hands full, I continued. I unzipped him, I could see wet spots on his boxers, I smelt his erection, it smelt delicious. I kissed his cock through his boxers and made my own wet spots, I could feel his erection getting bigger. I removed his boxers and his cock jumped out at me. I took him in my mouth, I love the feeling of a cock in my mouth and soon I was gagging on it. He set the glasses down and took off my jacket, I helped him with the dress. He then lay on the couch and directed me to get on top in a 69. I was sucking him while he was sucking me. He was very good. We changed positions and he was sucking my my tits. Apparently he had been fantasizing about my nipples from my pics here.

He took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom where he fucked me over and over and over again in every imaginable position. He was like a man possessed. He didn't want to cum and he would stop himself when he felt it coming. WOW! I was impressed, this is why I like older men, control. Eventually, after around two hours of mad fucking we were in doggy position he couldn't hold it any longer he pulled out, took off the rubber and came on my ass.

We lay there and drank some more wine and chatted.

We were hungry so he fixed us a meal which we both enjoyed, I took a shower, called my taxi and left.

I had an amazing time with him, we'll meet again soon.