11 Nov 2017

A lady friend whom i have known for 5 years has recently gotten engaged. A tad about her, she is 20, dark medium length blond hair, very pretty smile and incredible body, being a fitness junky. She and i have never flirted or had any sort of relationship apart from honest friendship. We talk about our problems, we laugh together and give eachother support as friends should.

One evening she sends me a voice note, in tears because her fiance has left her. I comfort her as i always do. We begin to speak about life, love, relationships and somehow get to the topic of sex. She begins to tell me that she has missed out on a lot of adventure and having being in a long term relationship has kept her from exploring her naughty side. She shifts the topic to me, asking me what i get up to being single and am i having any out of the ordinary fun. I bring up a few interests of mine, one of which being dogging. She has no idea what that is, so i explain it to her. I also explain that i prefer to explore that with a partner but unfortunately cannot find the right person who is willing to join me on these escapades. I dont enjoy doing it alone. She is intrigued about the whole scenario and hammers me with more questions. Jokingly i suggest for her to give it a try for herself and see if she enjoys it, also advise her that she is cautious as it is not safe for a single female. She jokes back saying that i should 'guide her through it'. Jokes quickly turn into a plan of action. It is already 3am and she wants me to fetch her and take her out on a dogging adventure. Not believing my eyes i agree to this ludacris idea. I get in my car and go to pick her up. My heart pumps harder and harder the closer i get to her house, my adrenaline is sky high and im thinking about the possible consequences. It was a fun chat but now im in my car and on the way to fetch her and actually do this.

I arrive at her house. She climbs into my car and i slowly drive off. Behind her smile i can see sadness having just been dumped. She is wearing a little summer dress. I find myself driving to nowhere, its 3am and the streets are empty. We take a drive past some pubs parking lots but at this hour on a week day we are in no luck. There is nothing and no one. I can see the mood slowly wears away from both of us. After an hour driving i suggest that i take her home. She agrees. We arrive to her house with an awkward silence and as she is getting out of the car she suggests that we should 'totally try earlier next time', feeling somewhat embarassed i agree and say my goodbyes. During my drive home i get a sick gut feeling like i should never have even attampted this with her. She will never look at me as the same friend again and she will probably feel just as terrible. Not to mention that come 'next time' she would have come to her senses and not even consider such a thing.

The very next evening i am driving home from work at about 6pm. She phones me and says that she was supposed to work at an event but got cancelled. Suggests that we try again. My mood just lights up and i gladly agree. Now i know that she isnt reacting to the feeling of sorrow, she actually is interested in trying this new experience. I am at her home before 7. As we drive off she laughs and says 'we actually doing this now'..i smile and nod my head. She is wearing a different summer dress. I ask her if she is nervous and she shows me her hand, its shaking like a leaf. She giggles and asks what if we come across someone that knows her or her family. I suggest taking a far drive, somewhere where she will feel more comfortable. She agrees and shows a sigh of relief, i can see she is more comfortable and relaxed. I am pretty much just driving, no idea where im going. As we drive she asks me how it all works and what usually happens. I explain the concept and idea behind dogging and that being the female, she 'pulls the strings' as to what actually happens. I can see she is intrigued by all of it.

We find ourselves on our way to Harties and decide that we should go all the way. We arrive at Harties around 8pm. My adrenaline is rocketing again. We drive to the parking lot of a pub, we spot some guys standing around and we stop to 'ask for directions'. They are in a jolly mood and we carry on. We drive to a different bar but there are only groups of 3+ people, a little awkward to approach. I ask her what type of guys we are actually looking for, her answer is 'any'. I conclude that the bar and pub idea wont work. We are parked off at a little shopping centre and seeing the staff leaving. She points at an older white man with a Spar shirt leaving the centre on foot. We stop next to him and she begins to ask him for directions, having lifted her dress almost to her panty line, the poor man begins to feel uncomfortable as he explains where we need to be. She thanks him and offers that we give him a ride, he climbs in the car and tells us that he stays only a few short km away. As i drive off i think to myself 'she actually played this quite well, but now its my turn'. I drive slowly and begin small talk with the man. I ask him if he has watched a random girl playing with herself before. She stutters a little as he tells us that he has never done so. After a few seconds of silence he leans over between the front seats looks at her thighs and says 'my god, stunning'. She turned to him and asked if he would like to watch. His response, 'absolutely', as he leaned back and started to slowly rub himself. I asked him for some suggestions on where we should go, he lives there so should know the area. He suggested a park and a few fishing and camping sites. We decided to go to one of the camping sites.

We entered and paid our levy for the evening. Other visitors chose to be as far away from the main street as possible which gave us a perfect empty spot about 150m from the main gate and in between lots of trees and complete darkness. Parked and settled, she turns facing the back of the car and her back against the dash board. She begins playing with her breasts. There is complete silence outside, only the radio playing softly in the background. She slips the laces of her dress off her shoulders and pulls it down to her waist. Im loving the show too, she has an amazing body and such soft skin. The old man has his cock out of his trousers. Her dress is now off and she is breathing heavy as she rubs her pussy. We now both have our cocks in our hands. The windows are misty and it gets uncomfortably hot in the car. I remember that i have a blanket in my boot from a recent braai in the park. I get it and lay it out on the ground close to the car. She lays on the blanket and continues playing with her pussy. She sits up and giggles while looking around. Out of concern that maybe she spotted someone nearby i ask her what is the matter. With a smile she says 'we should have parked closer to where there are other people'. I tell her that we should have but there could also be families with children and that will just ruin everything. Then i ask her if she would like some more people and she nods her head while she slides a finger deep into her pussy. I turn to the old man who is loving life and ask where we could find some more guys to enjoy the show. He looks around and offers to go and find somebody quickly. We shrugg our shoulders and thank him. As he stands up and walks off covered in grass, she offers to give him a hand job when he returns with someone. He disappears into the night. He definitely headed towards the direction of the entrance and not towards the other camps.

It has now been an hour and he is nowhere to be seen. I now have my cock in my friends mouth and we are coming to terms with the fact that our night may be over, thinking that he probably just came amd went home. I see 4 figures walking towards us. Our friend from Spar is leading the pack at a fast pace. I see a sign of relief as he spots that we are still there and very much still playing. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and while wiping her lip with her thumb she looks up at the new guys. We notice that one of the guys is wearing a security uniform, middle aged black male. The other 2 guys, an oldish white and another oldish black male. Both probably in their early 50s. She lays on her back again and begins playing. I introduce myself and my lady friend to our new friends, they give me an awkward smile not taking their eyes off of her. I am leaning against my car and slowly stroking my hard cock. Our friend from Spar sits on the blanket next to her and pulls his cock out. Without any hesitation she grabs his cock and begins to play with it. The older white and black guys soon follow and stand around her pulling their cocks. The security seems a little hesitant, has a few looks around and sits on the blanket next to her feet and begings undoing his trousers. Im loving the show and so is she. She is jerking our friend from Spar's cock hard within centimeters from her face as she breathes heavily and moans. She begins to moan a little loud and places her lips over the tip of his cock. The older black man upon seeing this kneels down next to her head and begins pulling his cock even harder, pointing it directly to her face. Our other older white guest is standing between them a meter and a half away. Security now has his trousers completely off and is rubbing his cock against her legs and thighs, having shifted his body between her wide open legs. I walk around to get a change of view from the other side, still cock in hand. Our friend from Spar approaches climax. She is still jerking his cock and again places her lips over the head, not sucking it but just keeping it there as she jerks him off. As she pulls it away from her lips i notice a string of pre cum in the light of the open car doors stretching from his cock to her mouth, that was so fuking sexy to see. Im watching with inticipation waiting to see where this man will shoot his cum. As he cums she points his cock slightly down, spraying it from a tiny bit on her chin down onto her neck and breasts. He exhales deeply and gets up and goes to the other side of the car lighting a cigarette. Without a slightest bit of hesitation she grabs the older black mans cock and begins to stroke it. The security seeing this slips away from in between her legs and kneels next to her. The other white man moves closer and stands directly over her head. Pulling his cock fast. With the security now blocking some of my view i stand at her feet, with one of her legs between mine, that was a great view. With one hand stroking the older black mans cock, she takes her other hand off of her pussy and grabs the security's cock. She now has a cock in each hand and it looks amazing. The old white man stands firmly over her had and shoots his cum down at her. It covers parts of her breasts and stomach. With an awkward smile at the both of us he walks off heading up towards the main gate. Our friend from Spar walks back to us and walks around the blanket admiring what he is witnessing. He asks me if he can take a photo with his cellphone but i decline in the friendliest way possible.

She is pulling the two black cocks with all she has. The security is rubbing her thigh with his hand, he really seemed obsessed with her thighs. Meanwhile the older black man works his hand down to her pussy and gives it a slight rub while he shifts back up to her breasts trying to avoid the cum patches left by the other men. The older man puts his hands onto his waist as he looks ready to cum. She jerks his cock until he shoots his load over her chin and neck with some drops landing over her closed mouth, most unfortuantely shot across onto the blanket. He continues to slowly stroke it himself flicking any last bits of cum onto her. With the last stroke he pulls his skin back and she puts her lips over his shiny wet head for no longer than 3 seconds before pulling her lips away and resting her head onto the ground. He tries to offer his now semi soft cock to her pushing it closer to her mouth but she does not react to the gesture. With me still loving the show he stands up, pulls his pants up and heads to our friend from Spar with a giant smile on his face. They exchange a few words and taps on the back. He continues watching for a few minutes more and greets everyone goodbye before he walks off. The security is having his cock jerked as he explores parts of her body with his hands. He shifts his hand over her pussy and after some soft rubs pushes his finger into her. Still with his cock in her hand she slowly takes his wrist with the other hand and shifts his hand a little up. He moves his hand away in a respectful manner, onto her thigh. From what seemed a token of appreciation from her side for obiding to her rules, she places her mouth over the head of his cock and works it using her tongue for a few short seconds. Upon moving her lips away he takes his cock with his hand and begins jerking it hard. She begins playing with her pussy once again. With the sound of the soft music playing from the radio in the car mixed with the wet sound of her fingers slipping in and out of her pussy. Security man jerking his cock hard and pointing it directly at her face. With his climax approaching she shifts her head slightly up, as not to get any cum on her eyes. He shoots a huge load over her cheeks and mouth. Soon after she shows the same gesture as the previous man slowly places the tip of her tongue onto the wet tip of his cock, drawing little circles and eventually putting her lips over his head for a few short seconds. She pulls her lips away and he rests his cock onto her cum covered cheek. She puts the icing on the cake when she pushes some of the cum accumulated around her lips into her mouth. Seeing a positive reaction from security, myself and our friend from Spar, she continues to collect cum from her cheek before licking her finger and using her other hand to rub the cum on her body.

Security now fully dressed asks our friend from Spar for a cigarette and lights it. She gets up and begins to wipe herself with the blanket and gets her dress back on.

After a break, we are now ready to go our separate ways. We offer our friend from Spar to still take him home. Security asks us for a lift up to the entrance and i gladly accept. We drop him off at the gate and we head out. Our friend from Spar is directing me to his home. On our way i ask him jokingly why he took so long and where he found those guys. Little nervous, he answers that he walked out onto the main road in the hope of finding some randoms on their way from work but felt uncomfortable approaching people like that. So he walked to the garage to buy cigarettes. He said he saw the white man walking in and approached him telling him the story. At first the guy didnt believe him but went on with it eventually. Then when leaving the garage he saw the older black man leaving work, he was an employee at the garage and approached him too. He didnt need much convincing apparently. When they arrived the security to the camp asked them where they were going and our friend from Spar began telling him what we were doing inside and even offered him money if he could just let them through. The 2 securities spoke in their native tongue to eachother and requested that he give them R100 to be allowed in. He said initially the security wasnt invited to the party but on entry he walked off with them to see what was going on.

We dropped him safely at his home, eventhough some hours later than he should have but undoubtedly fun was had by all. On our way home we spoke about the evening and what it was like for the both of us. I loved the show and she certainly loved every minute of the experience too!