20 Feb 2017

music intro - Alice Cooper = Schools out

Out of school and its my first year at varsity ! mind you i have not had any real experiences to boast about besides a few personal incidents that i prefer not to disclose due to its sensitive and personal nature.

here goes :

I finished school at age 17 and in first year and turning 18 on valentines day, most exciting time of my life as i come from a rather small town pretty good upbringing and a really good school.

due to personal circumstances I was left to fend for myself just after enrolling and being accepted by UCT.

Finally i find after lengthy consultations i chose to find my own way through life with a trust fund sorting out things that i could not afford at the time.

Browsed gumtree and found a communal house in Wynberg, i went to have a look at the place and it was perfect ! I did not want anything fancy. The people was awesome and my landlady said besides lodging, food and laundry will be included just for me @ R1000.00 per month ! bonus i can actually start saving already as it was half of what i had budgeted for.

Life is good its Summer its Cape Town and i am the happiest person in the world !

The first few days was and still is a blur as i slept out some nights and just returned home to wash up and get ready to be at the next class/orientation/get-together and then party in the evening. My landlady was kind and a very accommodating women she always kept my food and ensured that there was clean clothes for me. I moved in on the 20th of January already and just explored Cape Town and my surrounding area. After a particularly raucous Orientation party i stumbled home one Saturday afternoon and got straight into bed, not even noticing that i now had a funny L shaped double bunk with a double bed at the bottom and a single bed on top. The bottom one was made so i got straight into bed just to sober up as Saturday night was upon us ! I woke up at about 6pm to see there was a few other suitcases in my room and hat .... funny i thought ! i got up took a shower and sauntered back to my room and fell asleep again.

I woke up at what i assumed was Sunday morning to see this blurry figure with wild hair rummaging through a suitcase, I jumped up and screamed thinking that it was a ghost (yes small towns do have tall tales and i believed every single one) this person turned around screamed as well and we both ran for the door ! my landlady came from her room to see what this commotion was and confronted us both. When the dust finally settled after us both having a cup of tea and gulp of whiskey my landlady explained that the other person was my new roommate as she thought that R1000.00 was to steep for me and that sharing would be more beneficial to me. I introduced myself and then met Z, a rather mature lady working somewhere in central Cape Town. We all had a good laugh about what had just happened and continued on our way to bed. Z said she just wanted to shower and if i would mind just giving her some privacy. I had no problem and watched some TV until I fell asleep again completely forgetting about what i had wanted to do for the Saturday night. Seems like that one gulp of booze had sent me well on my way again. Z then woke me up and said she was done a long time ago and i should get in my own bed.

I immediately fell asleep again and woke to chirping birds and an empty bed below me the door slowly swung open and Z enters on her toes, probably not to wake me, I pretended to be asleep on the top bunk. She had a towel around her body and then bent over her suitcase.

BOOM BOING BOING !! teenage mutant ninja boner ! her beautiful ass was up in the air her hands could well have just touched her toes ! there it was the most beautiful pussy i had ever seen on a women !

Hairy as it might have been i liked what i was seeing, as she went through her motions of picking out her clothing her ass moved and shakes along her cute meaty pussy just winking at me ! it had this meaty pussy lips peeking out of a hairy cloak !

All i could think about in my sheer state of shock was how nice that pussy could be, lost in my thoughts i did not even notice her getting dressed and leaving the room. I only realized this when i heard the door softly close in the far off end of my mind.

I jumped off the bunk bed grabbed a towel and headed straight for the bathroom, my cock was hard and prominent i grabbed whatever was closest and lubed my cock from base to tip ! i stroked it and imagined i was doing her doggy style just as she was standing, fuck i was even moaning with my eyes closed and just kept on imagining stroking in and out of her bushy meaty pussy slowly and then plowing her hard and deep it was all too much for my 17 almost 18 year old cock that i blasted a load of cum that could have broken the cistern ! that smell of fresh hot sticky cum hit my nose and i opened my eyes wow what a cum shot it was running down the cistern and dripping onto the floor. looking at my cock it was bobbing as it was pulsing ! man i was even out of breath, leaning against the wall to gain some composure i reached to turn on the shower. i cleaned up the mess i made and had a very snappy shower, realizing i had no clothes i bolted back to my room and got dressed.

Heading back to the bathroom just to make sure i did not leave any traces of cum anywhere i found a rather tiny black

g-string it was a little moist from all the steam in the bathroom but immediately and instinctively brought it up to my nose and inhaled so deep that i coughed. FUCK ME that smell was intoxicating it was a mixture of sweaty wet mucus piss like fishy smell like stuff with a hint of female somewhere in there ! after having having a good look at it and seeing the gusset was kinda soaked in this weird fluid i reluctantly let go of it and flung it onto the shower door.

Walking into the kitchen my landlady and Z was having coffee they chuckled as i walked in and said good morning ghost buster! for the life of me i just could not look Z in the eyes, i had just seen her pussy, wanked and fantasized about her and sniffed her g-string ! what a fucked up situation ! in my mind i thought i was a closet pervert ! We all sat down made plans for the day and then went out. Throughout our trip to Kalkbay all i could think about was how good that pussy looked ! eventually the drinks started flowing and we were having the time of our lives, my landlady a little too much so as she was way gone after sunset leaving either me or Z to drive home. Z said that she will drive as long i would clean up if there was any mess made in the car by our drunken landlord. I agreed and on our way we went we carried our so drunk landlady to bed and tucked her in.

Sitting outside enjoying yet another glass of wine I started to learn more about Z, she changed religions to marry and then got divorced as she could not bare children. her husband kept her around as just a toy to use for his enjoyment after very many years of torment she decided to vacate and just run for her life, she was 40 at the time.

i was about to turn 18 ... in 3 weeks and all i had on my mind was this 48 year old women next to me..... 30 years .... would she mind ? would she care ?

yes she was old her figure showed it her hands showed signs of aging but she had a good solid body, she was like stifflers mom !

just hot ripe and ready for the picking ! as always with so many drinks the conversation lead down the road of sex !

I told her about my life what had happened and how it affected me and she shared her story of an abusive husband and the years that followed until she ran away 8 years ago.

She asked what i liked and i said i have not had many in depth experiences to tell of besides the odd high school fondle some porn and the one time when i went all the way and got caught by my girlfriends parents. I Asked her about her experiences and what she liked to do, what came out of her mouth sent me up in the air ! i cold not believe that what actually happens in porn happens in real life too ! she abruptly slapped me on the knee and and burst out laughing and pointing at the bulge in my pants. Turning bright red with embarrassment i tried to hied it under my cupped hands but to no avail ! her hands got there faster ! she liked it and stroked it a few times through my pants just giggling and looking into my eyes every now and then. She then stopped and pulled her top up exposing her bra clad breasts her nipples poked against the material and stood out firmly.

Shakily i reached over and touched the material it was soft and warn she guided my hands inside one and helped me lift her breast out. Oh man what a sight ! big rounded areola stiff nipple and just a super soft breast ! i fondled it like a young child about to be breastfed. she giggled and asked if i like it ? ' yes i adore them it is so beautiful ! do you want to suck my nipples ? oh yes i gladly will ! she then undid her bra and pulled her top over her head. in front of me i had a full set of breasts a golden caramel colour and somewhat droopy but nevertheless it was infront of me and i had full access !

i dove right in fondling and sucking as much as i could, the more i sucked her nipples into my mouth the more it made her moan ! she had a firm grip on my cock and basically giving me a wank through my pants, slowly she unzipped my pants and took my cock out oh my word what a feeling having her hands on my super hard cock. she slipped off the bench onto her knees and enveloped my cock in her hot mouth ! slowly taking my shaft as far into her mouth as possible ! up and down as her head bobbed her hair falling and sliding between my legs as she slurped and sucked on my cock .... having so much wine put me at ease but i could feel my balls stirring and my cum starting to boil ! i asked her to stop, she sat back and looked up at me. all i could muster was ' its my turn now .....'

we got up at the same time and i stepped out of my pants pulled my t shirt off and got on my knees. i unbuttoned her shorts and slipped them off, on the edges of her panty hair was sticking out and i leaned in and just inhaled her scent, it was nice super wet smelling and sexy. i pulled her panty down and nudged her pussy with my nose. she lifted her leg onto the bench and i had an un-obscured view of this beautiful unshaven pussy. i lapped my tongued through her slit and i felt her lips parting i continued doing this until i felt the bump at the top of her pussy and started concentrating on that. this drove Z wild she grabbed my head and grinded her pussy onto my chin my lips sucked down on the bump and there was this explosion of juices onto my face. i was struggling to breath and she was out of breath ! she leaned back and looked down at me a big smile on her face and sat down. i was still on my knees she picked up her glass of wine and lit a cigarette. i again parted her legs and started eating her pussy like i was starved i put to use all the 'skills' i had learnt from my porn collection. I spread open her hairy pussy and had a good look at her massive pussy lips and her swollen clit. i licked up her slit and went down and stuck my tongue in her pink hole. it felt so good having my tongue in there especially all her juices on my tongue and in my mouth. what turned me on the most was that everytime i licked up through her pussy her big lips would go into my mouth lathering up my lips with her sweet juices and she would moan when i got to her clit. i sucked her meat flaps into my mouth and nibbled her clit this made her roll her hips so she could get more pleasure. i started fingering her pussy and just sucking her clit. my pinky was just dangling at the bottom and somehow just slipped into her ass this made her yelp momentarily and her ass relaxed. i continued eating her pussy and sucking her clit she moaned and twisted on the bench and i was just eating away. all of this being done on the stoep with a view of the garden rather private so no one could see us our landlady was passed out and i was getting one of my fantasies come true !

Z suddenly started pushing her pussy up towards my face and basically trying to force my tongue up her pussy hole, this i whole-heartly enjoyed. it was such a turn on to have a big wet pussy in my face her meaty lips meeting mine and just sucking up all her juices ! i forced in 2 more fingers and my pinky still lodged in her ass, this drove her over the edge again she grabbed me by the ears pulled my face directly into her jungle of a pussy and face fucked me her pussy started pulsing and secreting more of that sticky gooye juice and i lapped it all up with one last thrust from her she just bumped my face with her pussy and her innards practically prolapsed as she came ! her second and biggest orgasm her muffled moans was barely audible as i was clamped between her legs .... she relaxed and let me go. I got up kissed her and sat down next to her she smiled and rolled over into my arms .... to me it felt like a loving embrace on a summers evening she just lay there with my arms around her .... it really felt weird as if she needed to be loved or that she just needed someone in her life again ..... 48 years old sex starved and a 17 year old with enough hormones to power a jet !

she lit another cigarette and passed it to me, she took a sip of wine and lit another cigarette. we sat in silence lost track of time and just enjoying the warm evening .... i finished my smoke and put it out, she looked back at me with hungry eyes and stood up and asked in here or on my bed ? i casually answered ... inside would be good ..... yes i want you you inside of me !

grabbed by the cock i was frog marched inside my dick hardening as i watched her ass jiggle as she walked infront of me, i could see her meat beaver poking out between her legs and it was a sight WOW how lucky can a guy be ? dragged by your cock to be fucked by a cougar in heat !

once inside she did not even bother to close the door i was just violently pushed onto the bed as if she had a grudge against me and wanted to demonically molest this young boy she was no longer this timid old milf she was now possessed with the intent to reap my soul, it felt like the only way for her get this done was to take her frustrations out on me ! she jumped on the bed and came to sit on my chest ! she asked me again do you want to fuck my pussy ? did you enjoy smelling my g string you pervy boy ! i was flabbergasted ..... damn how did she know ..... i just nodded .... Mmmmmmm i see my trap worked thought you would wank of to it !

i profusely apologized and she just smiled at me .... its ok i know young boys have urges and i am more than fine with using you as my fuck slave ! oh damn what the fuck did i get myself into ? with those words my fear turned to bravado and i flipped her off me and slapped her tits a few times she squeaked and said stick your cock in me ! little did i know this would be the sexual master class about to happen !

i went down on her to get a mouthful of her sweet pussy juice and slowly guided my cock to her pussy, she grabbed my cock and held it right at the entrance !

the sight was amazing ! here was my sort-of virgin cock at the entrance of a juicy wet hairy mature cunt ! her pick folds welcomed my cock as the stroked my cock up and down her slit, her pussy lips was gliding open like the petals of a flower in bloom ..... this sensation was amazing ! i slowly pushed forward and my cock head slipped in ... WOW that is good i said her pussy was hot and slimy it was accepting my cock like it belonged in there !

I lay down on top of her and start thrust we kiss and her pussy juice spill into her mouth too we kiss deeply and passionately like eating a juicy mango with saliva going everywhere ! she start to meet my thrusts and i try to fuck her harder ! her hips are going in a circular motion and i am pounding away like a mad fuck slave !

she grabs my ass cheeks and pulls me into her all i can do now is to grind her pussy as i was unable to do anything else (mostly inexperience as i did not know what else to do) i started doing this weird motion that made her moan and i could feel her pussy muscles was really gripping my cock ! she was rolling her head from side to side as i kept grinding my pubic area against hers ! she started doing this humping motion faster and my cum was boiling fuck things were getting intense and i was about to blow ..... just as i feel that sensation coming where my cum pushes up from my balls to my cum tube she start getting more wet and intently fucking me from below - i loose concentration and balance - she i now in control she if fucking me to get to her orgasm first - i just kept following her lead and did as she wanted i focus and continue to grind and attempt to fuck her like i wan to fuck .... she continues with this motion and frees up some space for me as soon as i have a gap to pound her i take it she is now so high on fucking that she didn't care if i was seventeen ! i feel her pussy contracting again and i pound her my cock feels like it was hitting a plate at the back of her pussy and i try to break through whatever was stopping my cock from going deeper .... slowly she spreads her legs wider and i have more access to fuck her deeper !

i go hard and all i could hear was this noisy pussy and ball slapping as we were fucking each others brains out ..... her pussy feels like a vacuum sucking my cock in and clamping down on it .... it feels good and i want to make her cum hard ! i continue my ministrations of short strokes as deep as i could into her pussy and grinding her lit before i pulled out again this was getting her breath up and she was panting, i hook my arms under shoulders and arch my back to hit the spot harder this drives her up the wall we are intensely fucking and sweating i feel her going crazy below me an just pound ahead ! she bites my ear i just feel this wetness spray between us as she cums ! her pussy bites down on my cock as she discharges her love juices against me ! wow what a feeling and an achievement ! i made her cum hard and she loved it ! she is still panting ! and starts to relax ..... my cock is still firmly lodged in her hungry milf pussy .... i lay still ontop of her and just grind she kisses me again and i lift up and away from her not pulling my cock out but just to admire her freshly orgasmed cunt ! ooooh nice i thought to myself her pussy lips are bigger than before and her clit is hard and poking out ! reluctantly i pull my cock out and dive rught in with my mouth ! i devour her hairy pussy and she rolls her hips to get as much of my face all over her pussy ! i just pull back and flip her over on her knees and eat her pussy from behind ! nice hairy and juicy her pussy looks better than the ones in porn clips and magazines ! i give her one final long lick from her clit to her ass and spank her lightly !

I line my cock up with her pink pussy lips and thrust forward, her pussy feels sticky and tight on my first attempt and i lick her pussy again to lube it up again .... i slowly slide my cock in all the way to the base and just held it there to savour the sensation of a good pussy ! what a feeling for a virgin cock and i pull back slowly and repeat this a few times .... 'fuck me deep and hard give me all you got and keep it going baby' is all i hear coming from her .... i grab her hips and just start fucking faster and she spurs me on to do it faster and harder ..... she lays down with her shoulders on the bed and her arms behind her back ..... i grab her arms and pull her closer to me now with this i also pull her off the bed ..... she is now kinda standing infront of me and i am ramming my cock up her mature cunt like i have never ever fucked in my life before !

She leans back and kisses me then whispers fuck me rape me do what ever you want even cum in pussy ...... yes please fill my pussy please please ! i let go of her arms and hook her from behind with my arms hooked in under her shoulders again this lift her slightly off the floor and she hooks her legs behind mine ! she is sort of dangling on my cock or well basically impaled on it and i am the master of fucking her at this point in time ! I give her all i have inside of me her pussy feels different from this angle on my cock ! i feels every ridge inside and feels like i am hitting her g spot her pussy juice is running down my cock over my balls and down my legs ! the sensation is amazing i fuck for all that i am worth and just needed to blow my boyish load in her pussy ! she rocks like there is a bonus for making me cum and i thrust upwards to get in the zone of cumming ! it drives me mad my balls are about to burst and i fuck Z with all the might and intent that i have, i again feel her pussy squeezing my cock but i hammer her harder despite the tightness this drives me wild and her too ! i feel my cum pushing up and we still fucking at a perfect rhythm and i feel dizzy as my cum pushes up Z is slamming her ass down trying swallow my cock from the bottom and i blast a load of cum up her pussy that sends her over the edge aswel, she blasts pussy juice squirt orgasms all over the bed my cock pulses like it did earlier the day when i wanked i can feel how her juices subside to a trickle down my leg i fall forward with her still impaled on my cock.

As we it the bed my still hard cock pushes though whatever barrier was keeping it out and she lets out this murderous scream ! and tell me to just lay dead still and not to move, ' it feels like your cock has hit my cervix ! or at least something deep in my old cunt, i thought I'd never get that feeling in my life again .....

I am puzzled as hell, i don't even know what to do or say, i just lay there on top of her letting her pussy muscles milk out the cum from my cock ..... she shift a bit and ask me to slowly stand up. this is rather hard considering i am off balance after this massive cumshot up her pussy ! slowly we maneuver back to our feet and she starts pushing my cock out .... it is still hard and i pull back slowly ....

my cock pop out with a squishy pussy fart sound and i feel proud .... Z squats down and tell me to come look .... i walk around the front and see this fury furious monster of a pussy, Z pulls her pussy fur and pussy lips open and pushes hard ! with all her strength she dumps a load of my cum her pussy grool and some piss all down on the floor what a site ! the floor is glistening with this all our juices i extend my hands to help her up but she goes for my semi erect cock and start by licking our juices of my inner thighs up to my balls and around the base of my cock she sucks my sack into her mound and plays with it with her tongue ! what a feeling that is she lets go and asks me to turn around and bend over so that she can lick the back of my ball sack ..... i do as requested and i have my had on the bed with my ass towards her ..... She bends my cock backwards and starts sucking it, then stops and sucks my balls and runs her fingers down my ass too .... this jolts me so badly that i nearly jumped onto the bed .. 'relax baby this will be fun' she purrs from the ground and i let her do what she wants ..... she sucks my balls sack again and then licked up my ass with the broadest stroke of her tongue ! OH man what a good feeling ! its sensual on another level she is jerking my cock and doin this at the same time fuck me its amazing i say to her ..... out of no where she pops a finger up my sphincter !! WTF i tried to jump but when a women has your cock twisted backwards you will just have to stay put ..... She continues wanking me and sucks my cock from time to time by doing this she works her finger deeper up my ass and its starting to feel good and she jerks me faster and faster i feel cum building but font know how its possible to be ready do cum again so quickly i tell Z that i am close to blowing and she swings me around with her finger still hooked in my ass and takes my entire cock in her mouth and down her throat ... I bust this bullet of a load down her throat that she gags and tears start running down her face ! I think i am hurting her and try to pull back but she pulls me back towards her and cum starts coming out of her nose already .... WTF i think to my self again but her throat is massaging my cock just like her pussy did ! what a fucking bonus ! she releases me and spits whatever was in her mount onto my cock and lick it up again !

her face is a mess and i help her to her feet, she gives me a cum kiss which i could not turn away from a mixture of saliva cum and goodness know what else meets my taste buds but her intent of kissing me takes that away and we lay down together .....

Z ask me 'did you enjoy that my baby boy ?' i just nodded and she fondled my cock rested her head on my chest and she was fast asleep.....

I followed her and closed my eyes and off to dreamland ! .......

PS: this is one in 4 or 5 parts ..... let me know what you think please, its just my recollection of my days as a youngster and the route that got me to SwingingHeaven.