01 Nov 2016

This happened a long time ago. I am now 33 Married with 3 kids im white. This was when i was 19. We had a helper cindy, and she brought her son Sizwe to do our gardening around our house, Living with my parents and studying at this time. He was 20 and was shy and well built. I had a boyfriend at the time. I was in university. One day I was alone at home, it was hot and so i decided to go and have a swim and tan. Sizwe was around doing the gardening and cleaning up the yard. I walked out in a tiny bikini as i wanted as much sun as possible to get a nice tan. I have 34 c boobs and im quite slim blonde hair (this was when i was 19) I noticed Sizwe watching me as i tanned, I kinda liked it. Never thought of him in that way, but he had only been around for a few weeks and I was busy with exams and hardly at home. Cindy came out and said she was going to the shop with one of the other helpers from next door as we needed some stuff for the house. I then called Sizwe over and asked him if he could rub some lotion on my back so i took of my bikini top and turned around, his facial expression was priceless, i giggled and asked have you not seen this before. He said never a white women. I layed on my stomach and he rubbed lotion all over my back, I asked if he can go down on my legs as well and without hesitation he was rubbing my legs, i could see a bulge in his overall he was wearing. got me thinking. He finished up and I said thanks, he walked away and continued to do his work in the yard. I turned around and layed on my back with no top on. I could see him watching me from the bushes. He then went into the garage, so i decided to go and see what he was doing. To my surprise he had his dick out and was in the corner wanking it. he got startled by me walking in, i said dont be shy let me see, OMG didnt know a cock could be that big. It was about 20cm or so, thick and cut. I was topless and said to him come feel my tits, he came over and was touching them and then he started to suck my nipples. All i wanted was to just feel that dick in my mouth, I pushed him away and got on my knees and started to suck him, the taste of he black precum.mmmmmmmmmm. i was sucking and sucking him. my lips all over his black cock. I then got up and bent over on a table in the garage and asked him to suck my pussy from behind, and finger me, he did. what a tongue, i was squirming and squirming. mmmmmmmm. I didnt have any condoms on me and neither did he, i had to feel that dick in me. I was on the pill so i was ok. i then made him lay on the floor and i mounted him. OMG i let out a scream as i sat on his dick, he grabbed my ass and pulled me down, i rode him like a slut. mmmmmmm. I then got up and got on all fours and made him fuck me doggy, he was stretching me deeper and deeper, i told him not to cum in me. So when he was about to cum, he told me, I got on my knees and started to suck him, he shot his load deep in my mouht. mmmmmmmmmmmm tasted so good. this seed was so nice. he got dressed i put my bikini back on and went to shower. What an amazing time. when he left for the day i said we need to do this more. That night went out with my boyfriend and fucked him, his dick was no match for Sizwe dick. I still wanted more. So the next day when Sizwe came to the house. i said i needed some things in my room fixed, he said he can do it. So i told him i will call him when i want him to fix it. I opened my room window and called him to come up. I was lying on the bed with a thong and bra, and heels on. with nice red lipstick. we didnt have much time as i knew Cindy would get suspicious of us. so he closed the door behind him walked in and got down and started to lick me. my legs wide open. i then got up and sucked his dick. mmmmmmmmmmm. i layed him down and started to ride him, forgot about the condoms i bought, i was so lustful. i then went on my back and he climbed on be and started to fuck me, hand over my mouth so i didnt scream, i felt so slutty. i was grabbing his ass while he pounded me. i just then felt this warm hit cum deep inside me, he was shooting his load. mmmmmmmmmm, i have never let a guy cum in me. what an experience. he was fucking me harder and harder as he shot his load. mmmmmmmm. he climbed off me and put his dick in my mouth i cleaned it and he got dressed and went down, i said thanks for fixing it. he said no problem. We had a many more expericences and lots more fun over the next year, until he went away to go and work in Johannesburg. I still think about it when i fuck my hubby now. Wish i had more time with him.