13 Feb 2018

Before I moved into the Port Shepstone School hostel for a temp assignment at work I stayed with a lady from the Shelly Beach office and her husband. I stayed in a spare bedroom in the house. On the property was a granny flat that they had rented out to a lady that ran a butchery down the road. one evening the lady from work, the tenant and I were sitting by the pool and having a few drinks. After awhile work lady decides to have a swim to cool down and invited me in . At first I refused saying that I didn't have my costume on but she carried on and on .... The pretty Indian lady was sitting on the side of the pool with her legs dangling into the water. her short skirt pulled up a little giving me a sexy view of her soft cotton panties. The tantalizing sight was starting to swell my cock under my tight jeans and black g string panties. I thought to hell with this, going to have to cool down. I pulled my shirt and jeans off and dived into the pool , giving the girls a peek at my hard cock through my undies.

Office lady and I started horsing around in the pool and having fun. At one stage she took her bikini bottoms off and threw it at me, It landed in my face so I chased her around the pool. I dived under the water and came up out of the water right by the Indian lady's legs and asked her why she not swimming, she replied that she didn't feel like it. My head was positioned right between her legs and i could see all the way up her legs. The brilliant white cotton panties she had on look so soft and inviting. as it stretched over her pussy it curved in between her pussy lips giving me the urge to touch feel kiss lick and shove my face between her slightly open legs. Instead, I took hold of her ankles and slowly pulled her into the pool.

She made quite a fuss as she tumbled into the pool. Stupid lady should have told me she can't swim, I had to grab her and pull her out of the pool, she was in a state of panic so I held her against me to calm her down, her face nestled in my neck. I looked down at her, her clothes were soaking wet clinging to her body, made see through by the water. She was beautiful, so sexy, her now see through panties revealed a smooth shaven pussy the material wedged deep between her pussy lips. The sight was driving me wild and her submissive posture as she lay against my chest made me want to take care of her every needs. I lifted her up and took her to her flat still clinging to me like no tomorrow.

I lay her on the bed and ran a nice hot bath for her, as the water was running I realized that I only had my black g string on and it showed the outline of my cock through the stretched fabric. As I approached the bed she held out her arms for me to carry her to the bath. I gently lifted her and lowered her into the hot steamy water clothes and all.

She was beautiful, stunning, Egyptian princess her breasts looked so inviting as they rose and fell in and out of the water as she breathed, the see through material of her cotton dress accentuating the form of her perfect body, Her light brown skin glowed sexily in the incandescent light. The urge to touch and own her, take her for myself lay thick and heavy on my mind.

I left her to finish and waited on the couch for her, painfully aware that my cock was about to explode into tiny pieces unable to get the vision of her out my head.

After a little while she emerged from the bathroom, her naked body silhouetted against the light, sent shivers down my spine, pumping more blood into my already painful throbbing cock, she approached me slowly sensually a dreamy look in her eyes and stood naked in front of me, a feast for my hungry eyes.

My hands reached out and drew her closer. Her hand reached out for my throbbing cock and as she took hold I felt her body start to shake with anticipation. I took hold of her and lay her head against the couch armrest and kissed her for the first time. Her soft succulent lips quivering as my tongue explored her mouth and my hands took in the soft smooth texture of her skin. "Make love to me" she whispered into my neck.

I heard a faint sound by the door to the flat and caught a glimpse of work lady standing watching us from the doorway.

To be continued....... maybe ... only if you good .....Ok?