07 Aug 2019

I recently placed several adverts on another site where I offered my services as a masseur to couples and ladies, bored housewives, widows etc. Got a few responses but there are a lot of fake people and guys acting as a couple .

I started chatting to an Indian couple early 30's from Shallcross . We exchanged whattsap numbers and he told me that he wanted to watch his wife get massaged by an older guy . After a few chats we exchanged pics and he showed me conversation between himself and his wife while they were at work . She agreed to the massage on condition that she will not kiss or blow me . He wanted me to fuck her but he asked me not to cum in her as she was not on contraception.  We agreed to meet in June but it was quite late and they were still with family and could not leave . I was not really disappointed as I have seen many fake people . Early June he messages me again and says his wife asked about the massage and wanted to on Friday . We chat during the day on whattsap and we plan to meet that evening at their home . I get there and message him and he asks me to give him a few minutes to put the dog away so I can park in the driveway . I get there with my towels and massage oils and we chat for a few minutes . They had just come back from her dad's place after having a few drinks.  Whilst chatting I tell them about what services I offer and he wants her to have a body to body massage . I explain they we will both be fully naked and she seemed ok with it . The big age gap did not bother them at all considering I am 52 almost 20 years her senior.  So we go into the room which was partly lit . She removes her gown and was wearing a tiny g string . She had the most amazing breasts that I have seen in a long time . So she lies on the bed face down and I continue to massage her upper back then lower back, thighs and legs . She is much smaller built than myself so I didn't want to put my entire weight on her . I asked her to turn around to do her front . By this time I am also naked with a nice huge erection . She looks at my cock and smiles . I wanted to give it to her there and then but the hubby is sitting on the other bed watching us about 3 meters away . I had consent from him to fuck her if she allowed . So I continue  to massage her breasts . I moved down to her thigh and legs and then foot . I then went back to the pussy and asked her if I could massage her clitoris and she agreed . She was very clean and smelt very fresh . I massaged her clit and then I slowly inserted one finger in her vagina. She was moaning with pleasure .From one finger it became two and I asked her if I could suck her pussy . She agreed and I turned to check with hubby and he also approved . So here I am rock hard sucking her delicious tight pussy . She takes my head and pulls me deeper and I'm sucking and tongue fucking her . I then go back to the breast and suck on her erect nipples.  I could not contain my erection . I just wanted to explode on her breast . I then rub my body against hers . By now my cock is touching her vagina. I massage her pussy with my cock  and every time I try to enter she stops me either by putting her hand or contracting her muscle . I didn't want to force her as it was her time . I ask her hubby to join us hoping it would ease her up a bit . He comes on the bed and plays with her tits then he licks her pussy . I lie down next to her and take her hand and put it on my cock . She slowly massages my cock as I suck on her breast whilst he fucks her missionary . I didn't get to fuck her that day but I was not disappointed at all . Waiting for another call from them hopefully we can have a full blown 3some next time .