Written by Marries

06 Oct 2016

I am a 42 year old male and widowed. Me and my wife did the swing thing for more than 12 years and when she passed on I thought that will be the end of that. Little did I know…….

My wife’s niece have 2 beautiful girls that we knew from the day they were born. We did not visit them that often, and only saw them at family reunions. While we were living in Cape Town my wife showed me a photo of the oldest (Mia then still in school), that she posted on face book. It was a face photo of her and it was mmmmm nice. My wife started to chat with her over face book to find out how the family is doing.

After a week’s chat they decided that she must come and visit during the school holidays in December Rene asked her mom if she could come down and visit. She agreed as long as we fit the bill to get her in CPT and back home. Rene and Mia kept in touch till December and made arrangement without me knowing the details.

So the day (Thursday) arrives and Rene picked up Mia the airport and they drove home. I was still at work and of to play Golf with my mates. Mia was dressed in a short denim short with a white t shirt. As the arrived at home Rene showed Mia her room and she dropped her stuff and went to the kitchen. Rene pored some whine for both of them and they went to our room as Rene told her that they must get ready to go out. So Rene jumped in to the shower and got herself whet while Mia was drinking the whine.

After Rene got out Mia jumped in and took a shower, Rene got here a gown and put it on the laundry tub. It was a sexy short see through blue chiffon gown that I bought her a while back. And she told Mia to dress in it when she gets out. Mia replied “ya I will….”

Mia got out and slipped the gown on and came out of the bath room Rene told me that she looked ultra-sexy. She said to Rene that it is a nice gown and that it made her feel sexy. Mia went and sat on the bed and Rene gave her a glass of whine and they both popped a “E”, and started talking. Rene showed Mia that she is cleaned shaved, Mia showed Rene that she did not shaved and Rene asked her if she can assist her. Mia replied yes and Rene went and got all the tools.

Part of the tools was a bottle of wine, hot water, shaving cream and a razor. Rene asked Mia to undress and lay on her back with her legs next to itch other. Mia obey and laid down. Rene started to wet the area on top of her pussy with hot water to soften the skin. And then apply the shaving cream and gently shaved Mia clean. Rene then started to shave her pussy’s lips and gently using her pinkie started gently to stroke Mia’s clitoris.. When she was done shaving the lips and ass she moved her index finger between Mia’s lips opening them softly and moved her index finger towards Mia’s soft wet pussy. Mia horny as hell at this point in time made a slight upwards movement with her ass indicating to Rene that she wants her fingers in that young wet pussy of hers. Rene slipped one finger in and played with her clitoris while fingering Mia. Rene could feel how Mia cummed as the juice was flowing out of her pussy.

Rene could not hold it out any longer and went down on Mia strolling her clit with her tong and playing with her pussy sucking out all the juice. She moved up slowly and played with her hard as stone nipples and then moved in a kissed Mia while slowly starting to rub her pussy against Mia’s pussy. Their lips were squeeze together and Rene’s tong worked her way and there pussy’s was moving faster and the juice was flowing out of both pussy’s lubricating them for the finally. Rene stood up and move Mia’s pussy in to position. Mia was now enjoying it as the moaning started to get louder as Rene was going full pace rubbing her pussy against Mia’s young pussy. They both cum seconds apart……………