Written by Marries

21 Oct 2016

Seen 5

Wow what a week this is turning out to be, Mia thought as se walk down the dark passage towards the bath room. She had one hell of a night with Rene and now she saw her husband doing a collard girl in their shop. And she got a small video of it on her phone that she can use when she plays with herself, she thought walking down the passage. There was one door with 2 signs on it male & female. She pushed the door opened the toilets was to the left and the lockers and showers to the right. She turned to the left and entered a toilet, there was no door on any of the 4 toilets. Mia dropped her short and went down and relieved herself. Sex Sex was the only thing on her mind WOW this is fun Martin and Rene are one hell of a couple never new it could be as fun as this.

Something told her to open her eyes and look up… got a small fright as her in front of her was a naked black man…. Ben the baker was still busy thought he would be long gone by now. Wow he is well build and as dark as the night itself. And man Victor’s dick is small in comparesant. Mia looked up at Ben and gave him a smile. Ben walked closer and pushed his dick in to Mia’s mouth. Mmmm is all Mia could get out. Hell his dick was big and took some effort to swallow. Ben then mumbled I am glad I found you here. I came back to wank off because I saw the boss fucking Mariska and I needed to unload after that. Mia did not reply as she was blowing away and fuck this dick was large how is he going to get it in my pussy……….

Ben pulled Mia from the toilet and undressed her totally, picked her up and carried her in to the locker side. He put her down facing him, Mia was so wet and her face was begging Ben to get his dick in her pussy as the waiting was killing her. Ben turned her around bend her forward, spread her legs and moved his cock’s head up and down between her pussy’s lips. Her wet pussy lubed his cock and he slowly started stretching her thigh pussy open. Mia could feel every inch of Ben’s dick on both side of her pussy as it slowly started to slip in to her rose garden. It was hurting her but the pleasure was succumbing the pain. This is good this is nice f@@@ this is great. She thought. His dick have been sucked in to her wet pussy and he was slowly starting to move it in and out. Harder she said I want you to fuck me like you would fuck a black girl. Just then she felt his hands moving between her hair and pulled it firm. No that’s not him wow, no yes the thoughts went through her mind as a dick was pushed in to her mouth. This is nice she thought and started to blow the newly joint dick. It was Joseph he have been waiting for the write time to join. Now Mia got pounded by Ben and she could feel he was close to cumming. She pulled out Joseph’s dick and while Ben was pumping away she screamed that he must unload inside her. And he unloaded the river of Babylon in her cunt. His warm cum warmed her pussy as it was injected in to her pussy and she could feel how her cum was mixing with is and the orgasm was one continues joy.

She felt to the ground her legs was trembling as she watched the 2 men get dressed and dispread out the door bubbling in a langue’s she did not understand…….