Written by Marries

20 Oct 2016

Seen 4

My alarm went off at 4:30………… Shit I have a hell of a babelas today. Where am I? O this is the spear bead room and yes I normally wake up in this room on a Thursday?! I dragged my naked ass out of the bed and made my way to our room to get some hot water flowing over my back. I peaked in to our room and saw an amazing thing that arrows my dick immediately. In my bed was Victor laying fast asleep in the middle of Rene and Mia they were both laying in his arms while he was sleeping on his back. Hell I thought would have like to be w witness to the events that happened a few hours ago.

I took the pitcher in front of me in and slipped in to the shower as I needed some warm water over my back to ease up the babelas. And I need to get to the take away as I had my weekly meeting with my staff and needed a head start before they start to pitch up. I was in the shower for about 15 min….. it was one hell of a babelas and took a river to shake it off. I got out and dried myself and walked in to the dressing area in our room. Got dresses in a denim, t-shirt and my safety boots. When I got back in the room the bed was empty, early I thought to myself. But went down to get something strong before I leave. Rene was waiting naked in the kitchen with that something strong and it put a smile on my face  she said that she will take Victor home and that Mia wants to go with me and see if she can make some money before she goes home. She also said we have a lot of making up to do and she has a big surprise for me tonight. With that me and Mia got in to the car and drove off to Bellville.

We arrived at our fast food outlet at 5:30 well before the staff normally arrives. Got in and did my daily routine while Mia sat in the small back office balancing the float for me. She was dressed in a white blouse with a thit denim short. Ben and Mariska came in as I was still busy taking out the fish from the freezer Ben was from Angola and my master baker he went to the dressing room to get dressed (the dress rooms was outside the take away in the back of Bellville shopping centre. Mariska a short well build cape malayer. Today she was dressed in a short very short blue summers dress. She asked me if she can dress in the shop as it was early and she did not want to walk to the back alone. I said yes and she opened her bag and took out a denim and branded t-shirt, she then asked me to unzip her dress, I went forward and unzipped it and she turned around and dropped the dress to the ground. And here the lady was standing naked in front of me hell what a site. ( I was still horny as hell with my mind running away with me after the view I had this morning.) I could not control my dick as I had no underpants on and Mariska saw this. And my hormones was running away with me and I could not control myself. I grabbed Mariska and turned her around bend her forward spread her legs. I slipped my fingers over my mouth to wet them and stroked them over her light brown pussy. I was surprised to feel that her pussy was as wet as the Botswana delta. I slipped my head bear between her lips and drove my hole dick hard in to her small thigh pussy. And heel this was nice my first cape malayer and f@@@@ it’s nice. I was hitting this girl hard her as was bouncing up and down and she was moaning like a Harley Davidson. Mia appeared and stood there watching I could not stop now….. She asked were the bathroom is and I gave here the directions while I was fucking this girl some one else wife. Mia disappeared and we carried on. I cummed all over her back shortly after Mia left. We both got dressed and went back to our normal tasks. And hell now Mariska was the only thing in my mind that nice light brown tits, ass and pussy was honey to a man that is just use to white pussy.