Written by Marries

20 Oct 2016


……. Paul pulled his dick out of Rene’s wet pussy and pulled Mia closer and pushed her down on her knees and said to Mia to clean it up. Mia on her knees moved and swallowed Pauls huge dick and sucked all the cum from it. Paul pulled up his pants and disappeared out of the little room in to the club. Before Mia could get up Rene moved in to position and told her to suck all the cum from her pussy, Mia opened her moth and moved her tong in to position so that the cum could flow out of Rene’s pussy on to her tong in to her moth……….

I arrived home from the golf round about 12:30 from my Golf outing. As per our normal arrangement I brought a bloke with me to have some fun with my wife. This way I keep her happy and I can play a round of Golf with my mates every Wednesday. And don’t need to worry about the time and the piss meter. As we arrived at the back door it opened and in the door Rene stood, looking stunning as hell, she was dressed in a pink silk see through night gown. You could see her natural tits and clean shaved pussy through the gown in the kitchen light.

She invited us in and I introduced my companion to her as we made it in to the kitchen. The guys was a exchange student from Kenia, his name was Victor. Rene took my hand and told Victor to wait she will be back in a minute, we walked to the spear room and she undressed me and tugged me in and said she will see me in the morning, she walked back to the kitchen and up and close to Victor. As she move in on him he grabbed her and they started kissing with passion. Rene untied his pants and it dropped to the ground revealing his BBC, and she dropped to her knees and surrounded her lips around his black cock head and move her his dick deeper in to her mount, slowly starting to suck his huge stiff black dick. Victor pulled her up after a minute and started to kiss her again and Rene pushed him away and turned her back on him, lifted her gown and presented her white ass and a wet open pussy to him. Begging him silently to fug her brains out. Victor moved forward and penetrated Rene from behind and started banging her hard in out in out, and after 2 minutes unloaded his war white cum on to her white ass.

Rene turned around and took his hand and leaded him up the stairs to the main bedroom. She firs peak in to my room and made sure I am asleep (and I was) Rene told Victor to close his eyes as she lead him in to our bed room. She made he stand at the back end of the bed and went and stood behind him and started to stroke his dick softly while she told him to open his eyes. Victor could not belief his luck. In front of him was a blond girl very young shaved cleaned, blind folded and tight up on the bed. Her legs well spread so that you could see that young white pussy. He never thought the day he left Kenia that this type of luck could fall in to his lap. This is any young black guys dream…….

Rene told him to go down on her, he moved in and open Mia’s lips with his tong and started to play with her clitoris. Rene mean while took up a camera and started recording a video. Mia started moining as Victor slowly plaid with her pussy and Victor could feel the juice flowing out of her pussy. Mia could just feel him playing and could see nothing around her. The sensation was priceless for her and she was enjoying every second of it. Victor then moved up and started sucking her milky white tits and pink nipples while he penetrated her pussy with is huge black cock. Slowly moving it in and out of her pussy. Rene untied Mia’s legs so that Victor have more moving space. Victor kept is soft and slow with Mia enjoying the moment and went gentle on her. Rene still recording whispered softly in to Victor’s ear and moved away. As Mia was chumming for the 5 time sins Victor’s huge dick entered her young pussy.. She felt a warmth she never felt before in her life. Mia could feel a river of juice flowing out of her pussy and over her ass on to the bed as Victor pulled out his dick from her white pussy. Only then that she realised it is the mystery man’s cum flowing out of her pussy. “Shit she thought that is better than any sex she ever had in her short sex live and she wants more.”