Written by Marries

11 Oct 2016


.......... Rene dropped next to Mia and pulled her closed to her, it was Mia’s first time with a woman and she loved it. She could not stop kissing Rene. It was now close to 6 I was already in the 19th busy chatting to my mates. I called my wife and she said that they were going out and should be back by 12.00. Rene hanged up and got of the bed. Open the closet and got 2 sexy short dresses out. Both of them slipped on the dresses with no underwear. Took a last sip of the wine and of they went.

Rene took Mia to our favored hang out in Cape Town: The Crew, a gay bar in Summerset drive. They arrived there around 7 and Rene greeted the 2 bouncers (2 big black guys from the Congo) with a hug and a long kiss, the one moved his hand on to Rene’s ass under her dress while he was busy kissing her. Mia was standing behind Rene observing everything and could feel her face turning hot and got a tingle in her pussy. Rene introduced Mia and they both gave her a hug and let them both in to the club. Rene headed for the bar and got both of them a shot of tequila and a drink. The sipped the tequila and headed off to get a table, they found a seat closed to the dance floor. They sat at chat for a while and till the dance floor opened at 9:30 and got in to the dancing as they both had more than a couple of tequila shots in and the bodies was warm and horny.

Rene pulled Mia closer and closer and by the 3de song their bodies was against each other and they were feeling each other up and down. To the delight of the strait guys in the club…… Rene pulled Mia close to her and started to kiss her and Rene’s hands moved down on to Mia’s ass. They were both in a world of their own and as wet as a wetland in the everglades. Rene’s hands moved under Mia’s dress and she could feel her naked ass while she was kissing her deeply. The braced it off and notice that the hole dance floor was looking at them, this did not bother them at all, the decided to cool off with a norther round of T….

Done with this they went of to the uni sex bathroom they were in the back of a cue of about 4 guys in front of them. Mia was behind Rene and 2 more guys arrived in the cue. The cue was slow and Rene was standing very close to the guy in front of her. The guy moved his hand strait under her dress touching her pussy Rene was instantly wet and the guy moved his fingers between her lips and slipped 2 of his fingers in to her wet pussy. He moved them slowly in and out of her pussy no dripping the bath room opened and the 2 guys slipped in together. Rene was now in front of the que and horny as hell and needed a dick in her wet pussy. A toilet opened and Rene and Mia went in, Mia closed the door but there was a hard push on the door and it opened and one of the bouncers entered the toilet and closed the door behind him. Rene moved Mia in the corner and told her not to move and to enjoy the show…

The guy was a well build black guy from the Congo (Paul), He grabbed Rene and they started kissing passionate while Mia looked on. Mia could feel the tinkle in her pussy and could feel the wetness flowing from her pussy down her leg. Rene and Paul were still kissing and Paul’s hands pulled off Rene’s dress leaving her naked, Rene dropped Paul's pants to the ground and un-covered his thick long hard black dick for Mia to see. Paul picked Rene up and Rene glance and Mia smiling and asked her if she likes what she see. Mia replied I am wet and horny as hell. Rene smiled and she could feel Paul’s black dick entering her wet white pussy. This was a big turn on for Mia as she has never seen a black dick so up close and personal. As this was a taboo her whole life. And her she was standing watching her niece getting hammered by one BBC and she was enjoying it. Paul put Rene down and turned her around, Rene put her hands on the toilet and moved her ass up so that Paul can enter from behind as Rene new that this is Paul’s favourite position with her. As Paul entered Rene again he pulled Mia closer and started kissing her. His hands moved under her dress and his fingers moved through her lips in to her wet pussy. He could feel how the juice flowed out of her pussy as Mia was