25 Apr 2019

Im a sexual being and being divorced with a small child is tough on your sex life. I always had a good imagination so by chatting online and masturbating (refered to by me as Self help terapy) I survived.

Once or twice I stumbled accross a bigger loser than me and then some action wld take place but I wld usually tolerated their lack of everything for a week or two and then end it. I was struggling providing for my child without any alimony so cldnt supported a grown 40yr old men which smoke ect ect.

So I vow my life to my son and stick only with cybersex andĀ  self therapy. Sad as that may sound it truely was anything but. I hd a cpl of very memorable steaming hot sex days whic I still vividly remembers as if it was true.

One indian friend lets name him J. I knew for atleast nine years. He was a constant in my life, we cld talk for hours on end. He had an amazing imaginationĀ  that sometimes were right out of fifty shades of grey.

He totally possess my mind body and soul. Its was overheating my laptop time after time. Our chats wld have naughty fucks on the boss's table to public swimming pool scenarios and if u cld imagine it we certainly have done it.

Sadly J being the gentleman he always was had fallen in love and got married and we decided to honour his commitment to her. After months of longing for him he emailed. Telling me how amazingly his new wife was and they decided to move back to her family in Dubay. Never talked to him ever again but I always kept hoping someday...... to be continued