28 Apr 2019

Okay so...... to continue here is where the problem entered my life. X was not an issue ever before. Me and hubby wld go out with x and his girl whom I also know very well for forever. If we went to a weekend away they wld join.

Let me clarify to prevent confusion or misinterpretations. X's friend let us name her Y has been in my life for forever she 10 yrs younger than me. X was the addition to her. X is 5 years younger than me. All these times and visits was truely just clean, never even have any idea about misbehaving or naughty fun at all. So this cpl XY has been in my live for two an half a decade. They got married and have two beautiful kids.

X was attractive as young boy. In his 2o's he was hot attractive eye candy which kept his body in good shape thru the work he did and gyming alooot. But u get the picture. Any way he was eye candy that loves to be shirtless mmm damm so nice.

So time goes by. Life happens I moved away and got divorced and then moved back to my home town. Still very close to XY. So one night after I moved back XY took me out for a night of some pub hoping and dancing. Just to cheer me up.

This was the first semi unexpected encounter which I had with X which was 32 now and a MAN with a body to daydream about but I wld nvr thought not even in my wildest dreams that this wld happen... next time the encounter ...... so stay tuned