24 May 2019

And so it begun

Mmm now almost a decade had pass since our last encounter and I still saw X and Y on a weekly basis but never ever was our almost encounter discussed between me and X. We just continue with normal bantering and Y 's response to this was the usually, you two is just too much together too handle.

So there was X always in the background but with nothing except a slight sexual comments bout my " non existing sex life"

or comments like I suck to soft at my ciggi or that I prefer my wors hard and well done when ever we bbq, and that was that.

Fast forward a couple of years forward and still focusing on my son I developed an online relationship with an indian man living in durbs. Now turbo, as was his nick on the chat site cause he was always moving, was a very intriguing person. Single, divorced and with the darkest exciting sexual fantasies that had drawn me to him in a way I had never experience before.

Even though we only chatted online and had the occasional phone call to hear me cum for him we never came to meet.

His sexual fantasies were extremely hot, exciting and he had a way he could let me do things to myself I cant even fully describe here. Every moment free we were chatting. I was in a constant excited state with orgasmic encounters when ever we had a moment or two.

One fantasy wld be me visiting him, he stripping me naked, bind my hands blindfold me and lead me outside for his friends to enjoy.

Another fantasy would be have a mmf and then he asked who would I like to invite and my answer was always the same X for sure. He had turned into this muscular man man, tough, tanned to an almost bronze, strong and yet the gentlest when it comes to his daughters which he loved above all else.

Y Sometimes confide in me about X's appetite, his endurance and how it is just too much too handle for her. I always just sighed cause in a white t shirt he looked like roman god to be frank. His biceps gliding under the strict constraints of the material of the t shirt. Not too mention his pecs oh oh oh my.

So involving X in our fantasy games between me and turbo was always a guaranteed orgasm. With my extremely vivid imagination with turbo leading me it was exhilarating and orgasmic to say the least.

So it became september and we all went on a vacation to jeffreys bay for two weeks talk bout torture seeing X, 24/7 and 90% of the time shirtless. We shared 5 o clock coffees and nothing but nothing more which was totally fine.

Almost at the end of our vaca we decided on one evening to spoil our adults with a kid free ladies evening and the next night a boys night only. On our ladies night we was lucky enough to attend the Pulse male dance show. The guys treat was to watch the rugby on a big screen at the bar and to return when they had enough of drinking.

Ladies night was accompanied by comments like don't be naughty to which my replied was I m a free bird, I can do what ever I want, when ever, with whom ever I like. The evening was fun.

The boys night out ended in them coming home a bit raunchy. X was in a naughty mood making jokes ect. If he walked pass me, he wld give me a hard slab on my ass which let me to grasp for air, or once I was standing at the bed side he came pass behind me, push me so that I fell forward in perfect dogging position and grabing my sides in a very quick movement pull my ass towards his hard cock bulging against his jeans just to make me aware he was aroused and then left me just as fast walking out the room.

Needless to say after I told turbo that in the early  morning hours his words were girl u in trouble he wants u. Which I discarded easily, he was drunk , it didn't meant a thing.

So our lives continu back home in our normal routines. our visits continue atleast once in the week and always a bbq on the weekends.

So december came around and I had made a new online friend which lived in welkom I will call him Unicorn. The possibility of a meet were very real and we chatted oh so naughty it filled me with excitement and the thought of us meeting with eager anticipation.

But then a mutual lady friend of X and me had fall prey to an online sindicate which started as same interests and then moving into a sexual online friendship and then into the usual I will save u out of your boring life where nobody loves u and I will be your hero type of thing. It can all happen if u just lent me xxxxx amount of money to pay my airfare cause all my mountains of money is currently unavailable for me to access at this very moment.

She fell for it hook line and sinker, I told her it is a scam warned her time and time again cause I came accross them on somewhat regular basis but I atleast, were street smart and never went to the point of money giving as soon as I get a false impression I wld kick the guy to the curb.

So it happens that me and X were sitting outside on a early december evening talking bout this mutual friend. X 's take on it was, hornyness, let u do funny things. Then we talked bout our sex lifes he complaining about the too little and me stating that I have turbo and my newest friend Unicorn which im really excited to meet very very soon. So between all the online chatting and self therapy I was a very satisfied girl.

To be honest this was the turning point I feel. Either he had this thought that his chances to make a possible move is fading drastically. Or he might have been jealous of another man being in my life, while he acted as my rescuer and mentor figure for my son for the last decade. I truely do not know what exactly set him off on the path of pursuing me the way he finally did..... but he did hard and succeeded. t.b.c........