13 Aug 2019

Mr forbidden part seven

Suddenly very unexpectedly so it began in the festive december of 2018. We had our family christmast party and X continued with his remarks saying things like i'm gonna see u wet to which I usually replies not in your wildest dreams. To which his reply wld I will see u wet even if I have to throw u into the pool locking eyes his very self assured and mine saying u wld not dare. Xmast came and in between xmast and new year him and Y wld be home alone with out kids cause they was on holiday with their grand parents. Now me being in tune with Y and X messaging me now an again with some sexual connotations I decided I going to pay cupido and bring these two ppl together again while were ate no kid distractions and then just maybe X wld switch his attention back to Y where it shld be.

So came up with this plan X is on leave and Y is working. So I started with X him teling me that Y do not enjoy oral this or that.so I suggested that he shld clean the house while alone so that when Y do get home she has nothing that has to be done and thus they cld hav a intimate romantic evening.so he begin cleaning house.

To Y i'm messaging that tonight wld be prefect evening for skinny dipping and having a picnic under the moonlight. So im encouraging her to forget bout her imperfections and hangups and to just relax and hav sexual fun with her hubby.

X mean while keep on sending me pics of his progress while cleaning and as him moves on his clothes gets less and less.and if he send me a pic I wld comment on still sume dirty cups in a table and so. Even while his torso looks define and my imagination goes on what if and I wonder how wld the landscape look underneath that PT short but never mind my flights of fancy i'm still determine to get X and Y back on their sexual track.

So he moves his cleaning to the bedroom where they have a big mirror dresser. Me at work aswell only glance at my cel now and again the next moment I have very pornographic picture of his manhood semi erect and quite impressive and I gasp for my breath biting hard on my hand to prevent me from moaning in appreciation.

Phew I didn't expect that but to be honest in my fantasies I kinda suspect it might be a gorgeous shaven piece of manhood but it still took my breath away.  Now how am I suppose to look him in the eyes now that I know what is lurking down beneath.

My silence made him laugh cause he knew he cause an impact on my fragile mind but Y was on her way home so he stop. To Y I texted girl be fearless tonight disrobe before u enter the house caught him off guard with something he wld never expect and just let go enjoy x in all ways and manner and make it a night to remember.

Later that evening I received a selfie from Y having fun with X next to the pool.both smiling wide and eyes glimmering with naughtiness.  My reply was why are u sending me selfies u are wasting time, focus and enjoy the evening.

Stay tune if u think this has thrown X of my scent or maybe ........... not.