28 Apr 2019

Mmmm the encounter lol

So YX took me out on the town first time since my divorce lost some weight felt good in my body and I dress a bit available if u know what I mean and then....

We went out in one car YX in front and me in the back. So ja I felt a bit unleased. After being stressed out in almost all aspects of my life I just needed a night away to let loose.

We were merry and dance and the alcohol flowed. Hoping from club to club without a care. Slowly the alcohol did its job and I was buzzed a little. So we was all in gud spirits laughing dancing having fun. I cld sense X maaaaaybe give me a little bit of attention but I just figured it is because my top might be a button too low open, maybe its because I was just carefree lol.

So the evening progress and X was playful joking around and throwing ice cubes down my back and one into my lacy bra that might have peaked out too much it was just all gud fun

Once again we were in the car on our way to a different pub and Y needed to use a bathroom on our way so X stop at a garage. Y hopped out and I laid my head back against the seat the lighting was a bit dark and I close my eyes feeling like im light as a feather.

Suddenly I feel a hand on my leg. Mmm I mumbled not really focusing on whats happening

I kept my eyes close i knew Y not back yet. The hand move to my inner thigh pausing as if to see if im going to stop his hand but I didnt.

His hand move up my inner thigh and I was super aware of it cause it left a redhot trail on my inner thigh. I cld also felt my excitment seeping through my panty and I slide a bit down the seat so that I can open my legs a bit more allowing him access to my wet sweet spot.

Then his hand was against my pussy. He let out a low gumble and said mmmmmm damm your so wet as he started to rub against my pussy I just respond with a mmmm it felt so good.didnt want it to be over and suddenly the passengers door open and I heard X asked u okay babes? Y replied yes and X responded by saying I think we shld call it a night and go home.

I wld be sleeping over at their place which we agreed on beforehand cause it wld just save alot of additional effort. So a bit sad the night ended we went home. But what I could not fathom is that the night did nt end there.......