01 May 2019

So if u had followed my story so far u wld know how did it all come to this point. For u who only starting reading now catch up on part one to four before continuing.

For those who are up to speed lets continue.

Now...... even thou my eyes are close. my head resting on the back of the seat. my heart and mind is racing at a unfamiliar speed. My alcohol induced mind are struggling to comprehend what had just happened. Did X really touch me, while Y were away making use of the rest room. NO it cant possibly have happened! He wld never, would he? No u must be mistaken my mind says.

While my heart and body felt something totally different. My heart is racing with excitement and my body is betraying my cool relaxed exterior by the fluid it is releasing slowly out my pussy wetting my panty and jeans even more.

But the ride home takes awhile and I gently drift into alcohol induced sleepiness. and I can hear them faintly talking. I can hear Y say she is not feeling that good doors open and I hear X comforting her in his low tone voice and their voices faint in the distant and I go deeper into my alcohol induced sleep.

Couple of minutes later my door opens and I hear him say my name. He always pronounce my name differently than the rest of the world. He always like for example my name wld be franceska he wld call fran nie. And if I am honest I love it. By adding that nie he makes me feel small again like I cld be safe and protected if I am in his presence.

To be frank in some situations I allways call him if I need a rescuer of sorts, car trouble, burying a pet or even take leave so that he cld assist my elderly parents in helping me move back home from the cape when I got divorced. He were always the one I can count on rain or shine he will be there to help.

But in this particular situation it was not the reliable X I heard saying my name cause his tone of voice was at a low sensual tone very unfamiliar to me but oh boy did it make my heart beats faster.

He slipped his arm around my waist to keep me up right ( cause by now, with the blast of crisp fresh air, my intoxication levels rose a cpl of degrees). Unsteadily I leaned against him and I could feel the muscles of his well toned arm bulged around my waist. He use this opportunity to say softly ~ let me get u into bed.

Oh boy, I almost fainted by that sentence, even tho im sure he is just once again being my rescuer like always but still it sounded so so good. Finally get into the house and I can hear Y vomiting in the bathroom across the hall. X help me down onto the bed and Y is calling so he lift my feet onto the bed and quickly return to his wife the a glass of water and I hear a door close.

I roll on to my back and I finally waltz into dreamland. Just to be awoke by the feeling that someone is near me. My eyeslids are way too heavy to open so I just keep them close.

Then I feel it against my lips. First moving from left to right trailing my bottom lip.slightly parting them.and I wet my lower lip with my tongue and then he put his big pulsating cock in my mouth.

Mmmm I moan sucking his head my breath hoarse and loud.he moved to my feet and I go along lick his shaft. I feel his hands are unbuttoning my pants. And I stop breathing in anticipation. My heart beating like a racehorse that is running the july.

His breath is fast and his chest is heaving and then he is pulling my pants off just a bit so that his hand can get entry to my super wet pussy and he slip two fingers into me and start finger fucking my pleasure dome. I feel the ripples

of ecstasy flowing throughout my body like lightning bolts hijacking my veins.

X shld hav heard Y leaving the bathroom cause in a nano second he flip me on my tummy and step away from the bed and put his enlarged cock back into his pants.

The only thing I remembered was Y asking what is going on something sounded like wild animals and me drifting off to dreamland on a cloud of ecstasy.

BUT...... It s only what happened almost nine years later that turned me, regrettably, into the other women

And so it continue....