03 Oct 2016

So for a while I tried to get hubby back in the swing of things . And this past weekend we went to visit the in laws in middelburg Mp

I'm a very naughty horny girl and a weekend at the inlaws not really spell hot and steamy .

So after we braai on Saturday the old people go to bed and I ask hubby to go check out the town . He agreed and after a quick change and shower we are off.

Now the clubbing in middelburg not exactly match the vibrant cape night life . And I was bored . Very bored. So I said let's go home and shag . And he smiled and we left .

We stopped at a garage to buy some coke and ice and in front of us was a nice looking couple I could see hubby looking at her ass . It was barely covered with the small tight scirt she had on . Outside I stopped her and asked for directions . She asked where we wanted to go . I smiled and said back to your place . And maybe into your bedroom .

She looked shocked. Then smiled and said why not . Just follow us.

We arrived at their place and went inside . We all stood there awkwardly and then her hubby asked ok now what.

I moved over to him and unbuckled his pants. Took his wod out and got on my knees . I sucked him off . Getting very wet this is the first "other" cock I have in over a year . She followed suit and before long we were all naked and humping like bunny's .

Well we exchanged no and I'm looking forward to our next visit at the inlaws . Middelburg is a awsome place .

We have not yet discussed if this means he is ready to be back in the life. But I'm sure we will be back in the swing of things soon