02 May 2019

A few months back, a follower of mine DM'd me on Twitter asking if I was free at the moment. Seeing as we had messaged before on Twitter and exchanged pictures, I had no concern about letting her know that I was available and willing to meet. Just so you know, she was the type that was very open and straight forward about what she wanted and on this particular time she stated that she wanted to do oral, which i was totally down for.

So i had a shower, got ready and drove to her place which was in a complex so when i had to wait a few minutes for her to come out and meet me and take me in. While waiting for her i realised i didn't have condoms on me, "oh shit" i thought as the idea of missing out on getting laid for such a rookie error hit me, then i thought never mind maybe she has or we can go bareback. Anyway she soon came to the car to meet me and upon opening the door i got a look at her body for the first time in person, my word was she beautiful. She wore a skin tight dress that hugged all her curves, her perfectly round C-cups squeezed tightly under, her beautiful ass poking out the back . God bless black women. I jumped out the car, my cock now rock hard and ready to go, i give her a gentle squeeze hello , lock up the car and follow her into the house.

When we get into the house i can tell that she's both nervous and shy, she leads me straight to her room where she tells me to sit on the bed make myself comfortable while she gets me something to drink. she comes back with the drink and sits next to me on the bed , we make idle chit chat and she still seems shy , i ask if she ever did this before and she says never. She tells me she has a boyfriend but its long distance and she has needs. I get done with my drink and i take glass back to the kitchen, when i come back to her room i find her laying on her bed so i join her and lay next to her. I ask her what she wants to do and she giggles shyly , i lean in and give her a kiss, i can tell she likes it, i continue to kiss her as my hand starts to rub over her body. Soon she sits up and starts removing her dress, she's wearing maroon lace panties and no bra, her tits bounce out her nipples already hard, i dive forward and start sucking and biting on one nipple while my hand pinches the other , she moaning and breathing deep now, her soft caramel skin tastes so good. i start kissing and biting her neck as i continue to pinch her nipples and rub her tits.

She tells me to take my clothes off, no need to ask me twice, i get off the bed and strip off my clothes leaving my tight boxer briefs on with a very visible bulge . I get back on the bed and sit infront of her between her legs, i run my hands up her legs, over her thighs, up her waist, going up to her breast and back down again.

She's squirming now , i can tell she needs release, i lean forward over her and start kissing from her neck down to her breasts, licking her nipples, licking and kissing my way down her stomach, i get to her panties and start kissing along her groin, im so close to her pussy i can feel the heat on my face. I start to kiss her pussy through her panties, they're already soaked from her wetness, she tastes so good.

I pull her panties to the side and start licking up and down between her tight pussy lips, when i get to her clit i suck on it and flick my tongue against it, shes moaning loud now and pushing my head down against her hot wet cunt as she tries to grind against my face. I get up and pull her panties down and take them off completely, she sits up right and grabs at my boxers and pulls them down, my cock shoots out, already shining with pre-cum, she grabs it and starts stroking it as we start kissing again.

I push her down flat on the bed again and i start rubbing her clit with my thumb, she starts moaning really loud now and starts wriggling around uncontrollably, she tells me she's getting close to orgasm, i stop and immediately throw her legs over my shoulder and dive into her pussy head first and start eating her out and fingering her while i suck her clit, a few seconds later she lets out a gasp, her whole body goes stiff, her pussy tightens around my fingers her legs come together and her thighs squeeze against my head as she cums. She finally gets her breath back and looks at me smiling, i sit up between her legs, my cock rock hard now bursting to come, its centimeters away from her soaking wet pussy. She reaches down and grabs it and starts to jerk me off, it doesnt take long for me to cum as i shoot thick strands of hot cum across her body onto her tits and on her pussy.

I lay next to her on the bed and we spoon for a bit, i whisper in her ear how much i want to fuck her and cant wait for the next time. I get dressed, kiss her goodbye and tell her i cant wait to see her again.

Ladies this could be you too, message me and lets chat and see where it goes from there.

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