01 Feb 2019

After declining the guy's offer to come join the group at the booth with the high heeled stocking red blonde who I could see now had at least 4 women caressing her with mouths and tongues on her boobs and their hands and fingers were being rubbed over and into her very willingly. I felt this overwhelming fear go right through me that I would have no control over what might happen to me...

I gulped my Smirnoff Spin down and marched back into the reception, with my partner in tow literally begging me to calm down..

I sat on the couch with my partner calmly sitting next to me and instructed him to get more alcohol and shooters immediately .

As he went back to the bar from where I was on the couch I could still see what was transpiring. ..

I was a bag of mixed emotions, ranging from fear to anger and I was in a trance almost. As he came back I hit the Tequilas straight down and he sat on the far side of the couch and couldn't see the group look of girls as they did their things with the blonde whom was sort of being submissive and then began to participate more .. I was in awe and dumb founded shock maybe.

My partner tried to peek but I shoved him back and gave him a running commentary of what I was seeing. ..

I could see her being muffed by the one assertive female and she moved up her belly to her boobs and then straddled the blonde's face and rubbed her fanny over her face and made her tongue her... I'm no ways bi sexual and couldn't in my wildest fantasy imagine me doing that. It repulsed me but at that instant I saw the guy who approached me move between her thighs and I saw his manhood. .. I hated myself for liking what I saw.... he was hung... thick, and he entered her and the words just slipped out of my mouth or I thought out aloud and I said to my man.... that's what I want .... before any female ever touches me I would sooner have more men fucking me and doing what I like.

I don't know if I shocked or surprised him but I struck a nerve. ..

The vision of the 4 women pleasuring the blonde to the point of orgasm after orgasm and then the guy finishing in her turned me on but I would not admit it ..

We were then offered by the host to go to an unoccupied cubicle which I willingly agreed to...

From there we drank and listened to DJ and no one approached us for the rest of the evening . I think they were warned to steer clear lol.

I was just fascinated with the coming and going of couples from the jacuzzi rooms .. I was In a relaxed state ...realising that no expectations were expected and people slowly left and I did have an eye full but the alcohol helped....

My partner had tried to be intimate but I was not playing along. ..he then said we almost the last there.. and said let's go...

The host politely invited us back but suggested we both be on the same page next time.

As I stepped outside the fresh air hit me....

To be concluded ..

Tags: firsttime