09 Feb 2018

Whilst working in a huge open plan office at Johannesburg International Airport, I was at my desk training a young male clerk when a young lady from the office downstairs came into the office to visit with the lady that had a desk situated directly opposite mine. I greeted her and busied myself with paperwork and training. After a little while I looked up and the sight that greeted me was mouth wateringly hot. The young lady was bending over the desk, the short skirt she had on wasn’t long enough to hide what was underneath. There in front of me was a hot tight sexy bum adorned in the whitest panties I have ever seen. The silk material stretched tight over her skin looked so soft and white and sexy. I could make out the mound of her pussy and the indentation of the silk as it covered over her cute lips. I glanced at the clerk I was training, judging by the red flush on his face and the way he was acting I knew he had seen it too, he looked very embarrassed. He had told me he was still a virgin a while ago. I turned to look back at the glorious sight and noticed that the girl was glancing back to see if I was watching her, she had a naughty wicked smile in her eyes. Yeah she was on the hunt, the bait was thrown and I was the hungry shark she wanted to catch.

I stood up and approached the two ladies as if to discuss work issues and after a little chit chat sat down in the chair that the young lady was standing next to. My hand made its way between her sexy legs up her thighs closer and closer to that bulging mound.

Luckily the computer screen was between me and the other lady sitting on the opposite side of the desk, she had no idea my hand was up to no good.

The trainee clerk was sitting riveted in his chair watching me get closer and closer to that sexy white mound of pussy flesh, his mouth slightly open in disbelief.

As I neared the top of her thighs between her legs she shifted her weight and opened her legs wider giving me complete access to her secret place. I ran my fingers over her mound and felt her slit through the silky white panties, it felt like heaven.

My fingers moved the fabric to the side and I slowly pushed two fingers into her hot wet juicy pussy. As I pushed them deeper and deeper I heard a soft groan from the direction of my desk. He was watching and it was driving him mad. Her pussy muscles tightened over my fingers and I slowly fucked her with them, in and out in and out, making sure the clerk could see how wet and sticky my fingers were becoming, juices running slowly down her sexy thighs. I was so close I could smell her womanhood it filled my senses driving me nuts. I wanted to take my cock out and fuck her tight pussy in front of the whole office. The lady on the other side of the desk looked at her watch and stood up, she said she had a meeting. My hand withdrew from the depths of pleasure and I returned to my desk, noticing the bulge in the trainees trousers. He excused himself and hurried off to the toilet.

Shortly after the young lady left my office my telephone rang, it was my young lady. She wanted to kidnap me one afternoon "so that I could climb the ladder in her stockings' on her off day.

But that’s a story for another day......