04 Feb 2018

Working as a Marketing Manager in Durban I was having a morning meeting with my boss when his daughter entered his office and rudely interrupted the proceedings without even knocking on the door first. The bosses daughter was a spoilt brat that always got her way with everything, what she wanted she got and had a habit of coming on to me and flashing her panties in my direction every chance she had. I had so far managed very diplomatically to side step all the sexual advances successfully without pissing her off too much and just put it down to the fact that she was infatuated with me, she was underage so the option of taking her up on her advances just wasn’t the right thing to do.

She asked her father if all the arrangements had been made for her eighteenth birthday party and if he had invited me to attend the event.

I was then invited to the birthday party and given the address of the party venue.

I started to make excuses saying I had other plans for that evening and couldn’t attend, but of course my boss had other plans and wanted me to meet the director of a sister company that was coming from overseas and this was the perfect opportunity for me to get to know him as it would affect future business.

The girls face lit up when I finally agreed to attend the party and skipped out of the office swaying her hips seductively for me to notice.

I arrived at the party fashionably late and was greeted at the door by the birthday girl, who was not impressed. “I have been waiting for you.” she said in an irritated voice.

I gave her a sweet smile hugged her and gave her a happy birthday kiss on the forehead. As I pulled away she said “I’ve ordered us your favorite drink, you are to sit next to me at the family table.”

I joined the table and went through the motions of meeting and greeting everyone, after which I was dragged onto the dance floor to dance with the birthday girl who judging by her appearance had had a few of my favorite drink to many.

Later as I sat discussing business with the other company director I heard birthday girl say to her mom, “ He can't drive home, he can sleep at our house.” so it was promptly decided that I sleep over and leave in the morning. I tried to wangle my way out of it but the fact that I had given my car keys to the parking attendant didn’t go in my favor so I resigned myself to the fact that it was going to be a long evening.

We arrived at the bosses house and continued to chat and have a few more drinks in the study. Eventually the drink took its toll on my boss and he went off to bed, leaving birthday girl, her mom, grandmother and me alone to carry on in the study.

After about an hour the mom left to take grandma home and I was left alone with birthday girl. As we heard moms car leaving, birthday girl said, “Its about fuckin time”

I excused myself and made my way to the bathroom to take a leak. I passed my bosses bedroom and he was passed out on the bed, fast asleep. When I returned to the study soft music was playing in the background and birthday girl was doing a slow seductive dance on the carpet, her cheeks were flushed and she had a naughty smile on her face as she unbuttoned her blouse and skirt. letting it fall to the floor. she had no bra or panties on and swayed naked to the music beckoning me closer with her finger.

My breath caught in my throat, blood rushed to my loins, standing there in front of me was the most sexiest woman I had ever seen in my life. Her skin was like velvet a healthy brown tan covered her from head to toe. A landing strip of fine blond hairs peeked at me from between her long sexy legs. Her long blond hair cascaded down over her shoulders, a sliver of hair falling across her young beautiful face trying to hide the heat i saw in her eyes as it curled around and caught between her blood red lips. I approached her slowly not wanting to blink, my eyes brought to life by the feast in front of me. The resolution imprinted in my mind forever, never to be forgotten, etched in deep cuts and gashes of raw need. I took her lovingly in my arms and we slow danced around the room, my hands confirming the beauty my eyes perceived.

“ I want you” she whispered. “I want you to be my first” I kissed her in a long sensual kiss, my hungry tongue sharing her hot wet mouth with her beautiful blond hair.

Lifting her up I carried her to the long couch against the wall, and gently lay her down, my lips caressing her neck, her breasts, all the way down to her hot wet mound.

As my tongue parted the folds of her young unused pussy, tasting her nectar she cried out, “yes.... yes” and her small soft hands held my head and pushed my face between her legs, my tongue entering her hot wet heavenly cavern, hips rising to grind my face against her clitoris. Her legs clenched around my head, she pushed against my face, my tongue buried deep inside her . She held my gaze as she tumbled over the edge into orgasm, her eyes glazed, her face a mask of absolute pleasure, tears in her baby blue eyes running down her cheeks, a smug smile on her lips.

A car door slammed shut outside and footsteps approached from the driveway. I lifted my birthday girl into my arms and carried her to her bedroom, she opened he eyes as I lay her down and she started to speak, I placed my finger over her lips and whispered in her ear, “Later”

I made my way back to the study just as the front door opened and mom came in.

she showed me the room that I was sleeping in for the night and made her way to bed.

I was in the shower when the door opened and birthday girl stood in the doorway.

But that’s a story for another day......... when i reached into the inside......