Written by Anonymous

15 Jun 2019

So being a single male on SH has it's pros and cons, cons are the obvious "NO SINGLE MEN" on the profiles you view or take interest in.

Well I noticed a new profile , looked perfectly interesting, a photo which left to s to the imagination, just a glimpse of a nipple and a blurred background. So interest is piqued and I sent a quirky message , a bit of humour with a bit of flirt... Well a response was garnered, and so our messages went back n forth, after a day or so the usual exchange of what we wanting and looking for and the usual sexual banter, it was mentioned she was leaving the cape town area but wanted to leave with a bang and go all out party mode next two weeks. She was finishing up with her job in two weeks and was already busy packing up house.

When one day I received a message of how wet she was that day and needed to take lunch from work so she could go home and sort her carnal urges out... Here was my opportunity, stsying a good distance away I suggested we meet up and I could "lend a hand" ...

No reply ... An hour passed ..

Still no reply .. and almost midday.. when I received a whatsup and a pin location...

I was luckily not too busy and made haste , a shower , and into the car , had less than 40min to get there as her lunch break was only 30min so we had to make use of all 30min...

I arrived at the address, and shortly after here she pulled up , hastily a smile an exchange of hugs etc ... The small talk and introduction over we could move on and enjoy the next 30 min

I was a bit taken back, her photos were a bit misleading, I knew she had large breasts but in real life they looked a bit more and definitely rounder than the photos had led on , a good thing though... Once inside I noticed all the boxes packed , place a mess from packing but her room was open and just a bed , a sheet and a bedside table , she pulled the drawer open and said I could choose a condom , she had a wide selection there from ribbed to studded to flavoured you name it.

Well I didn't need one just yet as I was busy planning on how to ravish those breasts of hers, I undid her work top, a white blouse type top , buttons undid easily and then her cleavage and the skin coloured bra was now out and visible... Her hand felt down at my groin , her fingers running over my now semi hard cock, a wry smile from both us ensued, and she proceeded to unzip my pants, my hands now groping at her large firm breasts... Her hand rubbing at my tip, the next few minutes a blur but soon we were both naked on the bed , tongues lashing out, kisses were firm hard and passionate legs entwined , bodies writhing in harmony, the smell of sex was in the room, my precum on my tip glistening from the light entering through the window. She moved down pushing me onto my back her nipples running over my chest till her lips and warm tongue touched my throbbing hard cock now. A slow soft gentle suck as she lowered her mouth down my shaft , her body moving to each time she lowered her lips, the cold air touched my shaft as she lifted created this warm cold sensation on my cock. My hand now touching her warm pussy as her arse was facing my way... I slowly guided her to lift her leg over into a 69 position, she obliged , lifting her lips and saying I mustnt flick to hard with my tongue on her clit cause she could sense she was totally swollen on her clit and was way too horny to climax from a tongue, she wanted to cum from a cock pounding her, she wanted to be satisfied and not teased...

We must have 69er for a good five minutes when she quivered and suddenly lifted her pussy up from my lips, letting out a small swear word turning around while standing above me and demanded I put on a condom now...

Grabbing the the first on my hand touched in the drawer , unwrapped rolled and ready , she just stood there and began lowering her hips down onto my cock.

I didn't even feel that first plunge as she was so wet and slippery , I only noticed when her ass began to slam onto my hips... Her tits bounced as she with precision lift up and down my shaft. She was clearly not shy at riding cock hard, and she knew exactly how to move to make sure my cock rubbed her inside to stimulate her to exctasy. My hands gripping onto her large breasts her hands on top of mine pressing harder onto them, her moans loud but not noisy yet...

The bed creaked as our bodies abused the mattress , my shaft shiny from her juices as she rode me . The sweat beads running down her body as she was putting every ounce of effort into riding me ...

Noticing this a blurted out , doggy style now... In a fwoing motion she lifted up and like a well trained puppy she turned on all fours and begged me to fuck her as if no tomorrow. And boy did I , I never knew I could pound a woman that hard that fast and that long without shooting my load... It seemed to never end. The sounds of juices as my balls slapped against her clit the moans from her mouth the arching of her back to expose her ass and pussy to me , my hands gripping her butt cheeks to spread her wider so I could just get my cock that little bit deeper inside her.

That's when I felt her pussy muscles clamping tight around my shaft, her breathing shorter faster and her moaning growing higher in pitch to almost a scream now but being interrupted by each thrust I plunged into her , then it was extremely wet , she had cum and her whole body now quivered , shook and goose bumps all over her... She turned her head , her deep blue eyes looking straight at my from over her shoulder she spoke, "did you cum now ? "

A slight shake of my head was a clear indication to her I had yet to cum...

Her immediate answer.. good I want to suck that cum out of you and swallow each last drop! Then I am going to lock that cock of your dry from my juices...

Needless to say she kept her promise, her lips and mouth were no strangers to a man's throbbing cock, with skillful manner her hands and mouth made me cum like never before, I must have dehydrated myself from the load I shot deep into her throat.

Her tongue lapping up every last bit of fuck juice I had , her nipples still still hard as ever . She looked over to her alarm clock, a slight comment of ,"oh fuck I am late from my lunch break" looking over at it myself noticed a full 70mimutes had elapsed from the moment we climbed out of our cars.

She grabbed her phone typing a text ... Placing the phone down and said okay let's make a coffee quickly and see if we can go for round two.

My eyes now open wide , round two !!! No need to go back to work, this is going to be awesome , round two is always better .

Well sure as shit , we went round two and it was a load more intense however it ended abruptly when her alarm went off this time and she said I best get the fuck out now as her fiance would be there any minute to fetch her,

Wait what the fuck fiance???

The story then came out she was getting married in two weeks not leaving Capetown at all but she needed to feel what a different cock would be like before she marries the guy who she lost her virginity too. I was the second guy she had ever fucked before and the first and last time besides her future husband!

Not too sure if I should have felt privilaged or used at that point!

She removed her account from SH that same day, her cell number no longer existed the next day . She had achieved what she wanted.

A few months later a got a call ,one of those "private numbers" . Was her , she only called to apologise, and thank me . She never regretted having done what she did she only referred we could never have such a good fuck again.