12 Apr 2017

I finally convinced my wife to take a drive to Virginia beach, after speaking to a friend of mine to meet us there.

it was a cloudy saturday afternoon around 3 when we got there. my wife was wearing boots and a green dress.

when we got there, i saw my friends Polo, by sms i was instructed to park in between a tow truck and another car. as soon as i parked in the the patrking i noticed another car park behind me so i could not reverse out.

i was nervous as i was alone with my wife and parked in.

anyway i opened my zip and my 37 year old wife pulled my forskin back and started sucking, i took off her dress and left her naked with her boots on.

i slowly dropped her seat down. she was naked and she opened her legs for me to suck her soft hairless pussy. i stopped opened my door got off the car and put her dress in the boot, i got back in didnt lock the doors and started sucking.

suddenly i heard the door open on the passenger side open, a big guy opened the door with a huge cock hard and exposed. my wife her legs open looked at his circumcised cock.

i opened her legs and french kissed her pussy. his big hands reached in her played with her black Indian hard nipples.

i lifted my head from her cunt and asked him to touch her. i showed him her small red vagina and asked him to put his finger inside. next he knelt down and with his mouth sucked her nipples and pussy.

two other young men were outside peering in and masturbating.

he asked me to take my wife into the push naked.

iwas about to oblige when we noticed a police car drive by. as qick as they appearedd the guys got into the ir cars and drove off, i did the same.

i still masturbte thinking of our malthi was almost gganbanged that day.