Written by Geronimosa

09 Sep 2016

So i was in Gauteng, it was one of the early Outdoor shows at Kyalami. We had a stand where we were selling a new go-cart we had built called a Sidewinder. This was a radical offroad vehicle in those days. Opposite us was the Kruger National Parks stand. There was a Game Ranger - a very hot lady around 30-35 years old. I was in my young 30’s as well. We made a lot of eye contact, holding each other’s stares for some time, until something or someone distracted us. We were sizing each other up.

On one of these days we bumped into each other at the coffee stand nearby and started to chat. We soon decided we were very physically attracted. She was divorced living near Midrand. She agreed to a date. I can’t recall how it was decided it would be an afternoon tea party her place but that’s what happened.

It was a weekday. I got there quite early. It was a townhouse complex near Pretoria. I rang the doorbell. She opened and was dressed in a beautiful red gown. Full of red lace and flowing down to the ground. Seriously overdressed but quite lovely. I sat in her lounge while she served tea and scones. We drank and made only small talk. It was almost awkward. I had almost given up, thinking this was a disaster. I was looking for a way out when she sat down next to me, leaned over and kissed me deeply, her tongue shooting into my mouth urgently. I was taken back by her sudden direct approach. I was fumbling with her dress, trying to fondle her somewhere but was lost in the gown and clasps. She stilled my searching hands, placing them on her lap. She leaned over and whispered for me to slow down, stop rushing.

She pushed me slowly back against the back of the couch, while unbuckling my belt and unzipping my trousers. She was kissing me deeply, urgently while slipping her hand under my undies elastic and around my cock. Flipping the elastic down and under my balls she had my cock out and exposed. I lost my breath, leaning as far back as i could as she went down on me.

I felt my cock swell, as her warm mouth engulfed my cock. Her hand was cradling and squeezing my balls. Her mouth was taking my cock deeply, tasting me. Her hand moving in unison with her mouth to maintain a constant moisture and even pressure entirely up and down my shaft. When she had my cock at full stretch, where i was leaking precum, she suddenly stood up and dropped the gown. She had no underwear on except for a pair of gartered stockings and a bra that was like a pair of cups where her nipples were not covered, rather cradled by the bra. Her cunt was completely shaved. Her clit was large and poed out slightly from its swollen lips. It was divine. She reached down for my hand, separating my fingers she pushed 2 of them into our slit. As i got the message, and started to push my fingers into her, she stood there parting her legs, allowing me to view her as her entire body started to glow with arousal. Still standing, with my fingers dripping wet and fucking her cunt, she leaned down to kiss me deeply. She removed my shirt in seconds and then pulled me up, pulling my arms up and around her shoulders. She leaned down to remove my pants completely, taking my cock back into her mouth as i stood there being stripped.

At this point she went down the the ground, pulling me along. As i came down she started to push my shoulders urgently down, she wanted me to fuck her cunt with my mouth. As my shoulders aligned with her pelvis, her legs came up and over onto my shoulders, opening her cunt directly to my mouth. As i started to enter her cunt, she gripped my head, pulling her pelvis up and in. Her cunt was swallowing my mouth, devouring me. Sher urgently pushed her clit in and out of my mouth, feverishly bringing her clit to a throbbing state. I was drowning happily in her flowing cum. It was running past my mouth and down my chin. I could feel her tremble as she had repeated small orgasms, filling me with squirting cum. She wouldn’t release me to breath, she was urgently getting mouth fucked.

Eventually she relented, releasing me, unwinding her hips and pulling me up. As she moved me up her lips started to taste the cum on my face, licking it clean and relishing in her flavour. Her hand reached down to pump my cock a bit, as if to check its stiffness. With a small nudge she slipped my cock into her wanting cunt. Her cusnt was so sloppy wet with my spit and her cum, that i slipped into her like a hot knife into butter. Her cunt was narrow and deep. She had a wide gap, and her loins opened wide, accepting my whole body into her thighs and plunging my cock deep inside her. Her legs came back up towards my shoulders and i had her in a deep stick penetrating fuck. With my elbows firmly on the floor and my knees and feet firmly grounded, i used my body like a crossfit bench trainer, pounding as deep as i could into her cunt. From the moment i went into her, i knew this was quick. It was way too erotic. Her smeared lipstick, the devastating underwear, her swollen clit and labia engulfing me in warm mushy cum was going to be hard to resist cumming fast. She didn't try to stop me. Her hands pulled my cock in deeper, pulling at my hips she murmured for me to cum hard. Cum Fuck me she said, cum hard babe cum in me now. I was squealing, gritting my teeth hard trying to stretch the moment,but it was useless. My orgasm was relentless and deep. I felt my cum hot and surging, each plunge bringing a new wave of hot white spunk into her. She didn’t let go, holding me with her legs as if she was squeezing every last ounce of semen from my body. Eventually i laid back, exhausted. She leaned over and kissed me quickly on the lips, told me to wait and sprung up. She was gone for 5 or 6 minutes, while i just lay there a little dazed. I heard movement upstairs, heard a shower or bath running, so eventually i thought that was it, time to get up and leave. Before i could get dressed she was back downstairs, she grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to her room. I was thinking of ways to ask to leave, not really keen for a second round§ so soon, but she was insistent i just have a bath which she had run. So i stepped in and stood there. She soaped me up with a sponge, herself now completely naked, she washed my entire body. She spent special attention on my cock, balls and arse. Separating my legs she ran the soap around and up, putting pressure around my anus. Her hands never left me, washing me, stroking my cock gently. I was getting aroused, this had never happened before. Before long she had me fully erect, and was kissing my mouth deeply again. She guided me out of the bath and back to her room, we were both dripping wet with water and foam bubbles, i was fully erect and hornier than when we started. I was actually stunned this had happened but she was feverish and absolutely randy as hell. Her randyness aroused me so much, that i grabbed her and started to take charge. I pinned her down on the bed, ripping off the duvet down to the sheets. The room was bright and her balcony window opened wide. I imagined everyone could see into the room.

Once again, with no foreplay this time, i drove my cock hard into her. I knew this would take longer. Wrapping my hands around her butt, i moistened my fingers inside her cunt, driving them into her on the side of my own cock. USing that moisture i started to search and rub around her tight cunt and over the bridge towards her anus. I felt her butt kick upwards plunging me deeper into her, as she moved her hand down over mine and drove my fingers towards her anus. With her permission, i moistened and gently sunk my finger deep into her anus. She groaned and mumbled. Repositioning myself so that i could fuck her with a nice rhythm, while at the same time, finger fuck her arse. Her arse was very wet and tight. I pumped my finger into her in a rhythm to match my cock that was fucking her cunt.

She was groaning and bucking. I held her down, in my mind pinning her to the bed and having my way. Her arms threw back open as she accepted the tender abuse as i punished her holes to orgasm. My Orgasm was again very intense, and this time i didnt want to move at all. We had moved past a new frontier for me, and i was stunned at the voracity of my second orgasm, the sheer incredibleness of it, and the force that it had on me.

Silently i moved off her eventually, this time i slipped back to the bath on my own, and cleaned up in the luke warm water.

I lay there for some time, absorbing the feelings and the emotions here. It was getting late now and i had to leave. She had gone downstairs, wrapped in a dressing gown. She had dropped my clothes upstairs. I dressed and went downstairs where she had made some coffee and was sitting up on the kitchen counter. I drank the coffee watching her. Her gown slipped slightly open, and i could see her pussy, this time she wasnt worried about covering up. Fuck it if i wasnt aroused again. I had to leave. It was late and getting dark. I leaned in to kiss her goodbye. Her legs folded and gripped me. Her hands groped around and found i was hard again. This to me was impossible. No guy i knew had 2 orgasms within minutes of each other, let alone 3. She had expertly flipped my cock out again and plunged it back into her. I was fucking hard as before. I noticed some pain. Like a throbbing raw pain. I had worn my shaft raw in places. It was actually burning a bit, yet it remained fiercely hard and by now i was fucking her hard as she sat on the counter. The counter height was perfect and with little effort i was plunging into her at exactly the right height. The sight of her sitting on the counter, dressing gown open and exposed, with me fucking her through my zip was simply too much. For the third time in as many hours, i ripped into her pussy exploding with albeit a much thinner stream of transparent cum. I was running on empty at this stage but the feeling was incredible regardless.

Literally as i finished, i indicated i had to go. When we got to my car in the parking lot, i swear she started again. Fuck i almost did it again and today i definitely regret not going for a fourth. It was close, it was outside, in the parking lot in the driver seat of my car, and it was very close, but sadly we didnt. I had to leave. I have never experienced that again. I left and never saw her again. Ihave tried but without the enthusiasm from a woman like that, i have honestly never had it again. She refused to take no for an answer and she pursued my hardon, creating it out of nothing then fucking it hard.

Incredible lady….