25 Mar 2018

I awoke this Sunday morning after having lovely dreams of my Chinese G/F Vicky, i was still wanting to feel her lips on mine and her warm soft body next to me.Damn it, i reach over for my beloved toy. I slowly start rubbing my clit with it and i eventually turn it on, oh it feels so perfect. My mind is racing and i start remembering an event with Pat9669.

We were in Adult World Honeydew, watching a porn film, Pat was feeling my boobs, i had his hard cock in my hand, Paul just arrived said hi , kissed me, greeted Pat. He joined in with us the only people in the cinema. He slips my top off and his hot wet moth is on my nipples, oh i love that. My hand takes his cock, he is very long not too thick just perfect. I feel my pants being pulled off, Pat's fingers in me,

He pulls me onto a bench, we assume the 69, i am on top of him sucking his cock, such a lovely head, i feel his tongue licking my clit, oh so perfect. I look up there are 3 other guys standing close by watching, i smile and carry on sucking. Paul is behind me i feel his rock hard long cock entering me. It is so hot and hard, i gasp with appreciation. He starts fucking me slowly, i am wet and slushy as he gets into a lovely rhythm, i can feel waves of delight crashing over me, orgasm explodes he is so good, brings me to orgasms so quickly. I feel he is very swollen, he is close, pulls out, and i feel his cock on my clitoris and it enters Pat's mouth, he sucks it for a while, tasting my juices. Paul renters me oh god i love it ! he pounds away in my, my juices escaping running into Pat's mouth and face. Paul cries out he is cumming. and pulls out and enters Pats mouth again, filling it with hot creamy cum, i hear Pat gag a little, i smile to myself

By now another guy has taken over from Paul i reach behind and feel that he has a condom on, very few guys i will let fuck me without a condom. This guy is Huge and thick, so nice having a different shapes and sizes. Another guy is helping me suck Pat's cock, so lovely to see m2m.

Two other guys are standing over me jerking off. The guy fucking suddenly cums as i also reach an orgasm. Pat explodes in my mouth and in the mouth of the guy helping him.

I climb of Pat, we giggle and kiss, i take hold of the cocks of these two guys and slowly jerk them off, they cum on my tits, hot, hot cum is rubbed all over my breast.

I feel a huge climax erupting as i am playing with myself in bed, i gasp, and gasp. My linen is soaked from my juices, i smile as i know what may await me tomorrow when i'm with Pat again.