02 May 2019

My wife’s sister, let’s call her D, had made a few flirty comments from the time that we had been dating. A few naughty chats via text, but nothing more than that. She is attractive, but it was more the taboo nature of the chats. D clearly enjoyed playing the naughty game with her sister’s husband.

I shared some of the chats with my wife, without D knowing. It became part of a fantasy of ours, me fucking her sister while she fucks her brother in law. It was never meant to go past the level of a fantasy; that was until her brother in law suggested that after a family dinner that she goes home to their house while his wife drives to our place. This surprised us as we had never thought that they would actually go through with it.

There was a tension throughout the diner. I sat next to D and my wife sat next to him. Throughout dinner I brushed up against D, my hand wandering over her leg occasionally. After we had finished eating, my wife drove through to their house. She messaged along the way that she was already wet at the thought of what was going to happen. I arrived home and soon after the doorbell rang. It was D. I opened the door and she walked in, having changed into a very short mini skirt and tight black top. She has small firm tits, not as impressive as her sister’s, but the outfit looked great on her. We shared a quick, slightly awkward hug hello and walked through to the bedroom. As soon as we were in the room I turned to face her and she immediately grabbed me and kissed me, her tongue slipping between my lips and playing with mine. My hands slipped under her skirt and grabbed her firm ass, pulling her hard against my already hardening cock. Her breathing suddenly changed and I felt her tremble slightly as she felt my hardness. I lifted her up and fell onto the bed with her, pushing her legs open and grinding against her as we kissed. I could feel the heat of her pussy against me as I bit her bottom lip, feeling her squirm under me. I sat up and pulled her top off, my` arms around her and undoing her bra. I pushed her back again and my mouth closed around her nipples. I sucked them and flicked my tongue over them before nibbling gently. My hand reached around the back of her skirt and I slowly pulled the zip down. She lifted her ass into the air so that I could slide the skirt down over her legs. By this time I was desperate to smell her and taste her, so I grabbed a handful of her flimsy g-string and pulled it off roughly.

I stopped biting her nipple and started nibbling down her side, making her wriggle under me from a combination of ticklishness and slight pain from the bites. I knew she was enjoying it by the way she was grabbing my head and pushing me downwards. D started breathing shallower as my tongue ran up and down her groin, either side of her pussy. I wanted to tease her until she could not resist it anymore. A thought flashed through my mind about my wife and her husband, wondering what they were doing at this exact moment. I imagined his tongue inside her pussy and her moaning for him. This hastened my plans slightly and I flicked my tongue over her pussy to hear her moan slightly at the first touch. Her stomach contracted and flattened in reaction to my tongue and she ran her fingers over my head, arching her back. I sucked her clit and held it between my teeth while flicking it with my tongue. As she started to gyrate her hips under my mouth, I slipped my tongue into her as deep as I could get it, swirling it around inside her.

Finally D told me to stand up and get undressed as I was still fully clothed. She watched me take my top off and then sat on the edge of the bed and undid my belt. She seemed slightly nervous as her fingers fumbled with my jeans buttons. I helped her and stepped out of my pants. She took me in her hand and stroked me slowly. I was already hard at having seen her enjoy me licking her, but now I started to throb at the thought of her mouth on me. She leaned forward and took me into her mouth, slowly sliding all the way down my shaft. D pulled me down onto the bed and rolled me onto my back. Her hair fell onto my stomach as her head bobbed up and down, varying her pace as her warm, wet mouth slid up and down my cock. I was so turned on and could not take it anymore. I wanted to be inside her pussy. I flipped her over onto her back and spread her legs, kissing her hard as my cock pressed against her wet pussy. Her hand grabbed my cock. D told me she was nervous as I was quite a bit larger than her husband and she didn’t think I would fit inside her. I rolled onto my back and told her to get on top of me so that she could control the depth and pace. She guided my tip into her, but despite trying for a while and with lube, I could not get into her pussy. She looked at me and gave a naughty smile, telling me she was going to do the next best thing. D slid back down over my body and took my cock into her mouth again, this time sucking harder and faster than before. I grabbed her head and stopped her, not sure if she wanted me to cum in her mouth or not. She pushed my hands away and continued to suck me. I could feel myself getting closer, my hips starting to thrust up at her mouth. I could control myself no longer and exploded into her mouth, my legs shaking under her.

She looked up at me, smiling, asking if that was good enough. I could barely answer her, at the same time wondering if my wife had enjoyed her brother in law as much.