11 Feb 2019

i am already partially aroused, just to see that you've posted another story...

i read with a sense of urgency, eagerly wanting to see what the line line will tell me, but equally afraid i'm fast approaching the end...

i don't realise at all how fast i'm breathing, nor that i've undone my trousers and pulled my black silk boxers down enough to set him free.

my left hand has firmly taken hold of the base of my rock hard shaft. the veins all along the throbbing length appear as they're about to burst under the pressure. the head is fully swollen and beads of precum have begun drooling down my shaft.

i scroll down too fast, reading the end, sharing in the pain of every reader who yearns for more. i lean back, close my eyes and stroke with a desperate sense of urgency. i imagine the moment when you climb back onto the bed, the lace band of your stockings showing proudly above your boots. i imagine that moment when his swollen head is greeted by your hot wet pussy lips, the moment when you take him into you, the moment you feel his hard cock part your wet lips as a grunt escapes his mouth. the moment your desperate, yet deeply satisfied moan fills the room.

i'm stroking so hard and so fast now, i can feel how wet my cock is from all the precum. my eyes are still closed, and i imagine that last moment when neither of you can hold out any longer, the smell of your satisfaction sitting in the air, your moans and grunts a continuous melody. your hands on his shoulders, his cupping your breasts, his moans become more urgent, as does his rhythm. you meet his pace and a gush of wetness bursts from your body. his job is done and he meets your climax with his own. he fills your body with his seed.

i'm stroking so hard, my left hand strong around the base of my shaft, my right moving right up over the head and all the way down again. when i imagine you and him moaning, and him filling you up, i can't hold back any longer either. i let out a deep grunt of pure ecstacy as i erupt. my eyes remain closed as a i milk my aching shaft thinking about your daring pleasure...

Tags: anticipation, arousal