Written by Daemonique

13 Jan 2018

Whilst I was standing outside the office one day a lady that I worked with asked me if I knew anyone that could house sit for her and her husband, as they wanted to go on holiday for a month. I didn’t know anybody so mulled it over and decided to offer to look after their house as I had to work over the New Year period anyway.

All was agreed and she gave me a set of keys and the directions to her house in Kloof.

After they left for their holiday I was sleeping in the house and working during the day.

A few days before New Year’s Day I was chatting to the temp. receptionist that was actually the Directors Personal Assistants sister.

She was quite young and sexy and I got on with her very well. She asked me what I was doing for New Year and whom I was spending it with.

I told her I was going to be in Kloof looking after the Sales Manageresses house and would be alone for New Year. She replied that maybe she should come and spend the evening with me as she was also not doing anything for New Year.

I agreed to pick her up after work from her flat old year’s day and she can spend the evening with me.

On the day I was to pick her up, a resort that I was managing had a fire in one of their units and I was involved in extinguishing the fire. Smelling of smoke and with red eyes and buggered sinuses I eventually picked her up and we made our way towards Kloof.

Along the way I was sniffing and having a hard time so the little receptionist offered me an allergex tablet so I took it and washed it down with some coke.

When we reached the house it was engulfed in mist and visibility over the beautiful landscape was limited.

I showed her where she could sleep and went to the kitchen to pour us a spiced gold and lemonade. I was sitting on the deck by the pool sipping my drink when she came out of the patio doors. She had showered and was wearing a beautiful red dress. She was breathtakingly beautiful, the top of her breasts pushing out of the tight dress, long sexy legs flashed through the slit of her dress as she walked towards me. I had never seen her so sexy before, the blood in my veins started to warm rapidly.

She asked me if I was feeling ok and handed me another allergex. I stood up and went to the bathroom to shower. After having a nice relaxing shower I felt much better and joined her on the deck. We had a few more spiced gold’s and chatted for awhile. As we were chatting a strange feeling of love for her overcame me, it hit me in waves of emotion. She was beautiful, sexy, as she spoke I watched as her dress rode higher and higher up her smooth sexy legs. I caught a glimpse of her pussy as she leaned back in the sun chair. It was shaved clean and I could see her clit glistening in the light from the bedroom window.

My blood started to boil, I wanted her. I moved over and sat next to her, her eyes sparkled as her laughter spilled out into the misty darkness hanging over the pool.

I was in heaven, soaking up her beauty to afraid to blink in case I missed the sexual goo that oozed from her as she chatted away. My hand found its way onto her thigh, so smooth, warm and firm. My lips covered hers, interrupting the pleasant banter that gushed from her mouth. My tongue entering her hot wet mouth our tongues intertwined in a passionate emotional kiss as my hand slid up to her pussy. Hot and wet velvet enclosed my fingers as I slowly pushed them into her. Her hot breath and sexy sighs ran down my neck causing my body to shake in anticipation as I slid another finger into her burning hot pussy. Her dress now around her waist I could see her hips and thighs in the soft glow of the light. The swirling mist hiding us from the neighbors, as we fell into each others sexually lustful greed.

As we kissed my hand made its way deeper and deeper into pussy, the tight feeling of her stretched pussy around my fingers and knuckles urging me to open her up wider. She lifted her legs onto the chair making my lust driven access easier, I pushed up slowly and surely, the knuckle of my thumb stretching her wider and wider, until my hand slipped wrist deep into her, causing her to moan softly into my ear.” Take what’s yours, I want to be your slut,” she whispered into the mist. I could feel the muscles in her pussy twitching and quivering tightly against my hand as I slowly pushed it in and out. Her breath coming faster and faster, whimpers fell from her lips edging me on and on, her body arched back, hips pushed forward, head thrown back and her face covered with a lustful look of satisfaction, she stared into the mist with glazed unseeing eyes. At that moment her body convulsed and writhed in absolute pleasure as she climaxed on my hand, hot sexy juices running out of her already too full pussy drenching me to my elbows. She collapsed forward into my lap and snuggled her face against my rock hard cock and commented on how inviting the swimming pool looked. But that a story for another day, I was beginning to suspect that it wasn’t allergex tablets she had given me.