28 Mar 2016

A few days ago I received a call from an old school friend Kevin. I hadn’t heard from for years. He said that he had been trying to find me for awhile and that he had eventually tracked me down through my face book profile. He said that he wanted to come and spend a day with me as he was going overseas for 6 months and wanted to see all his old friends before he left.

He arrived on Thursday morning and we spent the time talking and catching up with news as the day passed he mentioned that we should go out for a few drinks and look for some girls. I told him that a pub down the road was having a fancy dress theme that night and we should go and see what its like. He said agreed and said that he had to leave at 12 o’clock though as he had to go and fetch his girlfriend from her mothers house.

I told him he could use some of my clothes if he wanted to dress up.

As we where going through my cupboard for clothes for him he noticed my dresses and lingerie and asked if it was my girlfriends. I said no it was mine and that I sometimes x dress for fun. He eventually chose a cowboy outfit and insisted that I go dressed as a lady. I was having reservations about going with him all dressed as I didn’t really want him to know about my naughty side.

After some begging and pleading on his part I eventually gave in and we got dressed up and set out to go have fun. Everyone at the pub was all in fancy dress so we sort of fitted in nicely. Kevin was looking quite dashing with his deep blue eyes and sexy cowboy outfit and I had the shortest sexiest mini dress on that I had in my wardrobe, it was Kevin’s choice and it left little to the imagination.

As the night passed we chatted and every now and then guys asked me to dance and I could see Kevin watching me as I moved around the dance floor. I was having a good time and was in a naughty mood so I sort of showed off a little bit for him to see what was going to happen. I could see by the glint in his eyes and the intent look he was giving me that he was getting sexually turned on.

We were having a good time and didn’t notice the time and 12 o’clock came and went. Eventually his phone rang and his girlfriend asked him to come and fetch her.

I went outside to say goodbye to him and go home as the pub had started to empty out a little. When we got to his car Kevin reached out as if to give me a hug goodbye and started kissing me and I felt his hands all over my body. He pressed himself hard against me and I could feel his rock hard cock grinding against my groin, he was very horny. As he held me he whispered into my ear. “Fuck you have been making me horny all night, I want you now.” He pushed me up against his car door and lifted my dress up around my waist, with a quick flick of his wrist my sexy pink panties dropped onto the ground around my feet. I stepped out of them and let him lift my legs with his arms and pin me against the car. I heard his zip being pulled down and felt a sharp sexy pain as his huge cock ripped into me. I was in a daze and looked around to see if anyone was watching but I could see no one around. Kevin was highly turned on his movements urgent and rough, he wanted what he wanted and was going to have his way with me. We must have been going at it for at least ten minutes when he released his load deep into me kissing me and biting my lip. As he released me from his grip I heard a cars doors close and I looked up to see two guys walking into the bar. They must have been there all along as I didn’t heart a car pull up while we where busy.

We hurriedly got ourselves decent and I pulled my panties back on still shaking from the sexy ordeal. We said goodbye and he drove off to meet his girlfriend.

I stood outside the pub and lit a cigarette hoping the flushed look on my face would subside so that I could go into the pub to fetch my credit card that I had left with the bar lady. I finished my cigarette and walked back into the pub. The atmosphere had changed and the Dj has playing House of the rising sun from HotRS, The song reminded me of the sounds I was making while Kevin was fucking me.

As I approached the bar I noticed that one of the two guys I saw entering the pub was standing against the bar. He motioned me closer and made as if he wanted to speak into my ear as the music was pretty loud.

As I lent forward to hear what he was saying he grabbed me and pulled me against him, his one hand going slowly up the back of my thigh higher and higher lifting my mini dress higher and higher. The people in the bar were watching, nobody was chatting just the music was playing, sensual and erotic.

He pulled me hard against him with his other hand and I felt my panties being roughly pulled down, the thin lace on the side rearing as they fell to the floor for the second time. His knee was between my legs lifting me onto my tip toes, my ass full exposed to the people sitting at the tables in the pub. His hands groped my ass and pulled my ass cheeks apart his fingers pushed deep into me, rough and urgent. Kevin’s cum ran down his fingers and down the inside of my legs glistening in the dim light of the bar.

The guy shoved his fingers deeper until his knuckles stopped him from going further.

My head was against his neck and in the mirrors behind the bar I could see someone approach from behind me. He had his cock out and it was huge and thick, the biggest cock I had ever seen. The guy that was holding me pulled his fingers out and spread my ass cheeks and I felt Mr. Number two enter me and grab my hips. As I cried out in pain the first guy started kissing me and shoved his tongue deep down my throat.

Luckily I was being held up as my legs were shaking and quivering as they used me in front of everyone. I couldn’t stop what they where doing but didn’t want to anyway, I was in heaven and enjoying every moment. The guy that was holding me pulled his zip down and pulled out his cock pushing my head down, my mouth over his cock shoving it deep down my throat, choking me as the guy behind fucked me harder and harder. My body was on fire and the things they were doing was making me shudder and shake, the raw sexual nature of it pushed me over the edge, I climaxed over and over again unable to stop them as they took what they wanted satisfying themselves as they came deep inside me. I collapsed onto the guy that was holding me and passed out.

When I came to the bar was empty and the bar lady was offering me black coffee.

Someone had carried me to the couch that was against the one wall of the pub.

I was feeling a little embarrassed by what had happened but the bar lady said I must not worry no one will recognise me any way as I was wearing a wig. After she locked up the pub she took me to her place but that’s another story……….